PUBLISHED: 11:40 PM 21 Feb 2017

U.S. Air Force Launches Special Aircraft To Arctic, Pentagon Detects Ballistic Warhead Radiation


Has Russia broken its word and tested a nuclear bomb in the Arctic?

During the era that saw the Soviet Union meltdown the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, as well as when they did it prior to Mayak at a nuclear weapons lab, the radiation was detected on when the radar and “radiation sniffers” began “glowing up red” and showing sign of a massive radiation incident. In both instances, since the Soviets did not purposefully nuke their own country, a disaster was the only explanation.

During Mayak, only when skin began “sloughing off of the bones” did anyone suspect anything, and Russia did not admit that anything had happened until it became too great to hide. In every instance, Russia did very little to protect the populations affected until forced to. Today, much of that same technology still exists, only somewhat upgraded as a (sad) matter of fact, and it is with great alarm that Russia may have tested a nuclear weapon, according to such readings.


Russia his the Mayak and Chernobyl (pictured) accidents from the world until nuclear sniffers found the pattern. Are they now testing nukes in the Arctic?

Caring now for the fallout that comes down from the Arctic or that delivers deadly radiation into the seas via the ocean’s current that never leaves the food chain, Putin is feared to have been the cause of a massive spike in the most toxic radioactive elements known to man. There is nothing more toxic to the DNA of all life than radiation, which upon each use in the forms of weapons or meltdowns, literally releases and exposes the dynamics of the universe upon the Earth with temperatures hotter than in the center of the sun.

The United States has sent a WC-135 Constant Phoenix to RAF-Mildenhall to seek out telltale signs of a nuclear detonation.  The detonation is almost an attack in that it is juicing Great Britain with a terrible dose of fallout radiation that some pundits may call “small” but which will, in reality, lead to the incurable cancers and ailments known to man. This is the same plane that detected the above stated Chernobyl incident while Russia was still leaving their people to be poisoned and trying to hide the error.


Has Putin become unhinged enough to start nuclear bomb testing and if so, will America?

These same technologies, according to Sun News, has been deployed in North Korea due to the nuclear ambitions of their leader, Kim Jung Un. Like North Korea, Russia may be testing such weapons ahead of planned war, perhaps even an offensive one that Russia starts. With China and Iran also wanting to bring death to millions of innocents, there is no telling where paranoia and conspiracy theory meet actual concrete facts. What is known beyond all doubt is that WC-135 planes are not sent for testing natural phenomenon, so the bomb test is most likely suspected, if not confirmed at this point.

General Joe Dunford, who has compared the current climate between Russia and the United States as the worst since the height of the Cold War which has almost seen nuclear war in generations past, has said that a meeting with Gen. Valeriy Gerasimov is “absolutely critical.


The radioactivity is said to be “safe” that is hitting the EU from a believed Russian nuclear bomb test, but birth defects (pictured) from America’s bomb testing – said to be safe, too – say otherwise.

This is all coming to a head and becoming more important because deadly radioactive particles like Iodine 131 have been detected in areas like Norway that, while at first suspected of being a circling of radioactive toxins from Fukushima, do not have the radioactive signature nor decay signs of that ongoing disaster. Therefore, bomb testing or another leak (of where there are none) are the only other options. There is only one tangible reason why such toxins would come spilling down from the North. The source of the poison matters greatly because Iodine 131, one of countless radioactive life destroyers, causes uncontrolled thyroid cancer.

According to the same Sun News piece, this is the deadly fallout that Putin has rained down upon Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain. These are all nations that innocent children who will not drink tainted milk (radionuclides adhere to milk) and cancers of the bone, brain, lung, and kidney, will skyrocket in the coming year from this one senseless act. The authorities will call this a “manageable, safe dose”, but as cancer rates show from up and down California after Fukushima and as we saw after the bomb testings that killed thousands (including John Wayne) in Nevada and New Mexico, there is no safe level of radiation. Any who says any different is lying, it is that simple.


The size of the weapons available to the U.S. and Russia is staggering and it appears as if the nightmare race is starting again.

Just what America’s response to this will be, when confirmed, is anyone’s guess. It can be reasoned that the United States will again start weapons testing, something that would also be a step in the wrong direction down the historic timeline. If this is not controlled children will again be scrambling under desks as they plan to die in a fiery ball. The United States of America and Russia have had agreements and treaties in place for many years that ban such displays, and in the blink of an eye, Putin may have obliterated all of that progress.

That is not to imply that America is without sin, for it was America that placed weapons on Russia’s doorstep. Still, the world is beginning to see that this is just an excuse at this point, not a valid and actual reason for Russian aggression. If America has not attacked Putin at this point and the weapons are sitting as plan as Christmas trees on this border, then chances are pretty good that the attack is not coming. It is amazing that Putin could gather whether or not China has their WMD pointed at us while they were on Russia’s border, but Putin can’t gather that ours are pointed towards points of terror?

The fact is that Putin has been seeking a war for quite some time, almost as if he is itching to NOT get along with Donald Trump even as Trump extends the olive branch often. Putin has returned the kindness by buzzing our ships, calling for war, and now possibly testing nuclear bombs. Trump is right that Putin may be a person to whom the U.S. can not get along with, but we never expected that Putin would push towards a nuclear confrontation with a man that he has yet to meet. If so, it may be time to start hiding under desks and breaking at those Y2K rations stored 17 years ago that promised not to spoil. Things could get VERY dire moving forward.