PUBLISHED: 7:05 PM 9 Jan 2017

U.N. Now Holding Israel Responsible For Chaos, While Iran Continues To BOMB Them For More Land


It seems that every time that Israel surrenders land, their skyline looks like this. Coincidence?

The school bully. Who among us does not recall him or her? They would saunter into the class as if they were always trying out for the “tough” role in a Hollywood movie, humiliate others in ways that would forever scar their lives in some cases, and quite often win most of their violent attacks, despite what the movies say in underdog endings. What was even more unsound is that they would frequently make demands while bullying!

Nowhere are the bully’s of the world more alive and active than in the Middle East, only instead of stealing milk money and shoes, they are stealing weapons and lives. They are known as ISIS, Daesh, al Qaeda, and other forms of radicalized Islam. They attack in packs like wolves, they butcher both non-Muslims and Muslims who don’t agree with them, and they treat woman worse than anything imaginable.

This has been proven again by the fact that Israel is finding that yet another terror attack on their border Sunday was likely done by an ISIS supporter.


Why would Israel be expected to give land to those who do this?

Also reminiscent of the recess bully is the fact that the Islamic world is again wanting more and more of Israel’s land in exchange for peace. In other words, if you give us your video game system, we will stop beating you every time that you leave the class, so to speak. The only problem with this, beyond the obvious, force towards capitulation is that the beatings don’t stop.

This was found when Israel gave up part of the Gaza Strip. Gaza WAS an area that did exceedingly well for the people. It is part of the vast desert that Israel has managed to make into a luscious success story, but in order to show an attempt at peace, Israel gave the land up. Within days, they were being bombed from the Gaza Strip and the area was ruined.

What is most strange about this fact is that Israel had attempted this “land for peace” insanity prior, and had the exact same results. There are many who would suggest that Israel should come out and say, “if you attack us one more time we will level the Mecca wall,” but the world is far too politically correct to allow such a thing to be said. While this would not be fair non violent Muslims the world over, what the world is allowing to happen to Israel is also not moral.

Much of this chaos comes from the purposeful confusion that all Jews are Zionists. This confusion is what our leaders most like to instill in us, as seen in the promotion of groups like Black Lives Matter. Zionists by and large tend to be supporters of the New World Order, while being Jewish. Sadly, Zionists do tend to lead a great number of institutions and hold a great deal of power in the world.

What people are failing to see is that the problem with Zionists is that they support the New World Order, NOT that they are Jewish. Bush was not Jewish, but he too supported the New World Order.


Much confusion exists between Jews and New World Order, pro “world government” Zionists.

If Israel again surrenders land, what assurance will they get that this time will be any different than the times prior that have seen them attacked before the ink was dry on the land deal? Beyond that, no one addresses what kind of “roll over to terrorism” lesson that such a land give away says as a win to those who commit terror. Even in the highly unlikely event that one more dose of land surrendering is going to solve the death flow towards Israel from much of the Arab world, what then?

There is no way to placate evil, and regardless of how many “separation of church state” lectures the left wants to force us to pretend to listen to, the average person intrinsically knows that setting a human being alive on fire in a cage is evil. Most people don’t need a degree in theology to figure out that bombing an apartment building from the land that a nation just gave to you a week prior to NOT be bombed is immoral.

The trouble with making these kinds deals is that if “Terrorist Cell X” and “Terrorist Cell Y” are really keeping the deal, “Terrorist Cell Z” always springs up and says, “NO, death to Israel in total,” and the whole cycle restarts.


Even if “land for peace” was going to work, Israel has almost no land as it is.

History tells us that mankind grew from this lush and rich area. While the Jewish faith was first, both the Muslim and the Jew (and the much hated Christian) have a deep history in the land. What is tragic here is that if they don’t soon find a way to share it, what of it will remain? We have already seen ISIS destroy the most historically rich art produced in the whole Arab worlds museums, Joshua’s tomb from the Bible, and countless local treasures. What is next may be the terrible analogy of the Mecca Wall being destroyed.

We may see the stunning pyramids of Egypt brought to rubble and we may see nuclear war that just levels everything and poisons the world for millions of years. If not, there are still plenty of children to be blown up in the streets, hatred to be taught, and terror to be spread around. This has been the state of the Middle East since before they (maybe) discovered algebra.

One thing is for sure, radical Islam is as active today as at any time in history. Now is not the time for Israel to give more land away without knowing that ALL SIDES are going to allow mutual respect to the land. There is no way that anyone can see that happening today in 2017. What can be seen is that Israel is setting itself up to be destroyed if it does again surrender it’s already limited land.

Hopefully, this is seen as well NATO, or Trump will have to step in and correct the situation.