PUBLISHED: 8:05 PM 5 Jul 2017
UPDATED: 9:23 PM 20 Aug 2017

U.N. Chief Makes Stunning Paris Agreement Admission: President Trump Was Right

UN Chief Antonio Guterres Admits Trump is Right on Paris Deal

UN Chief Antonio Guterres Admits Trump is Right on Paris Deal

UN Chief Antonio Guterres admits Trump is right on Paris deal.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated Monday at a speech in Portugal that the United States can still meet the Paris climate agreement targets despite pulling out of the deal. Why does he believe this?

Guterres understands that many United States cities, states and businesses are already committed to green energy, despite what any type of federal or global government deal is in place.

No one is stopping anyone from researching the subject of climate change and no one is preventing people from finding new ways to protect the environment. 

Guterres also believes that Trump’s action to pull out have strengthened other countries commitment to doing their own part. Bottom line, Trump’s decision was the right one for not only America, but for forcing countries who value climate change so much, to do it themselves. Why should America pay for what another country wants? It’s blatant stupidity, but the liberal agenda isn’t exactly known for its intelligence. 

Donald Trump is Leading the Way for Science to Make Environmental Breakthroughs

Donald Trump is leading the way for science to make environmental breakthroughs.

By Trump making another tough, highly-criticized decision, he has not only gotten other countries more willing to step up, but also backed out of an arena the government has little place in, all while saving the United States a ton of money.  

Pulling out of a raw “deal” that wasn’t really a deal to begin with is a good thing.  It all sounded nice though didn’t it? The words were so pleasant, let’s save the world, just give away your future money and go back to sleep.  

The deal actually only bound the United States to a global government propaganda group that said, “the deal is non-negotiable.” Do you know what that is called? Extortion. Can you imagine someone telling you that you don’t have a voice?

“This is a welcome decision from President Trump and a common sense approach that helps the American people and businesses,” says Heritage Foundation President Edwin Feulner. The Heritage Foundations Research played a big role in Trump’s Decision.

Feulner further expands, “Heritage experts have long been ringing the alarm bell of the damaging effects staying in the Paris climate agreement would have on our economy. From lost jobs, higher electric bills, or more overzealous government regulations, the Paris Agreement was by all accounts a rotten deal.”

The people driving the continuous story that this is the wrong decision are losing a lot of money, so naturally they are going to go to any lengths to convince you, even lie to you on CNN. Would CNN stoop that low?

The questions that really need to be asked are these: Is giving money to a small group of officials going to save the climate? Who was getting the money, and how were they going to use it? Can innovation and solutions without financing a small group of world government officials occur? Innovating and creating tools is what science is for, not a global government pact.

The entire Paris scheme aims at guilt tripping and deceiving people into believing that human CO2 is responsible for rising temperatures on Earth and that we should all pay a tax to politicians like Al Gore to fix that.

The Sun Plays a Large Role in Earth's Climate

The Sun plays a large role in Earth’s climate.

The money we are not giving to global cronies can be used for scientists here, while still supporting and sharing our ideas and discoveries with the rest of the world.  A government deal doesn’t do that. With the Paris Climate Deal, there was no room for disagreement or questioning, which is the opposite of what science is.

Again, that is called extortion. Liberals just want everyone to submit and give more money so they can carry on extorting  as a collective in the name of “good intentions.”

No one is denying climate change, the conflict is with the source of the change. If you objectively study the science, there is a very strong case that the sun is mostly responsible for rising CO2 levels, not human beings. There are numerous factors outside of human activity.

The scariest part of the climate agenda is it’s religious, cult like support group. Political mouthpieces like Bill Nye claim that climate “deniers” should be criminally prosecuted.

Bill Nye wants people who he deems "climate deniers" to be jailed.

Bill Nye wants people who he deems “climate deniers” to be jailed.

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio preach down to people that only they know how to save the planet.  This argument isn’t just about intellectual ignorance anymore, it’s about emotional and spiritual ignorance.  The issues need further scientific debate, without politicians looking to capitalize.

Thank you Donald Trump for leading the way to real environmental solutions. The future thanks you.