NFL Linebacker Killed By Illegal Immigrant

PUBLISHED: 8:01 PM 5 Feb 2018

Two-Time Deported Illegal Kills NFL Linebacker, Arrested After Fleeing The Scene

Jeffrey Monroe and Edwin Jackson were both killed. Jackson is a player for the Colts.

An illegal alien killed a Colts player and his driver.

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and his car driver were killed Sunday morning after an illegal immigrant who was reportedly intoxicated crashed into their vehicle.

The illegal alien smashed his black Ford F-150 into a car parked off Interstate 70 outside of Indianapolis, instantly killing 54-year-old Jeffrey Monroe, the driver, and his passenger, 26-year-old Jackson.

Later that morning, police arrested Manuel Orrego-Savala, a citizen of Guatemala who has been deported from the United States on two separate occasions.

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin tweeted a picture of the police report, detailing how the drunken illegal tried to flee the scene after killing the two innocent Americans.

He originally told police his name was Alex Cabrera Gonsales, but a background revealed he lied to conceal his record.

Police revealed that Orrego-Savala was deportation in 2007 and 2009 for being in the country unlawfully.

Authorities indicated that Monroe was taking Jackson home Sunday night. Monroe reportedly pulled over on the side of the road when Jackson said he was feeling ill.

Shortly after that, the Ford F-150 driven by Orrego-Savala slammed into the back of their car.

Statements from state police officers also revealed that the impact of the crash was so violent that it threw one of the victims into the center of the interstate, where he was hit by another vehicle.

When police tracked Orrego-Savala down shortly after, he had no drivers license, was intoxicated, and lied to police numerous times about his true identity.

This is another reason why we need not only a border wall, but President Donald Trump’s tough immigration policies.

This illegal scumbag is exactly why Trump has given Immigration Customs and Enforcement agents unfettered powers to seek out illegal immigrants — particularly those with criminal records — and get them out of our country.

Orrego-Savala was in the country illegally, driving drunk, and tried to flee the scene after killing two innocent Americans.

Democrats may want to protect these kinds of immigrants, but many Americans agree these people should be removed from our nation immediately.

We can no longer sit idle, we must keep our nation and citizens safe — and that’s exactly what Trump has been trying to do.

Source: Breitbart