Antifa Professor Blasted

PUBLISHED: 12:56 AM 26 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 1:29 AM 26 Jan 2018

Two Student Groups Call For Antifa Professor’s Resignation From Stanford

He wrote an anti-Israel tirade and personally supports domestic terror through Antifa.

These students are finally fed up with the anarchy, violence and hate spewed by this professor.

According to reports, several students at Stanford University are currently calling on one of their professors to resign. Apparently, they want him gone because he’s reportedly a “ring-leader” in Antifa, which is a far-left domestic terrorist group known for using violence against those they disagree with politically.

Specifically, in an article recently published by the Stanford Review, authors John Rice-Cameron and Anna Mitchell spoke out against Comparative Literature professor David Palumbo-Liu, who previously wrote an anti-Israel tirade, for being a founding member of the Campus Anti-Fascist Network (CAN), which is a far-left campus student group. “[Palumbo-Liu’s] organization is undeniably a chapter of a terrorist group, championing the same kinds of violent resistance that have muzzled free speech across the country,” argued the two authors in their article.

“There is no way to reconcile David Palumbo-Liu’s position as a professor teaching students with his status as the campus representative of an ideology known for inspiring savage assaults of students holding opposing political opinions,” they added towards the end of the article.

“David Palumbo-Liu has every right to express his views in the classroom, and opposing racism is certainly a worthy cause. However, assuming a leadership position in a movement whose activities have been classified as domestic terrorism by the DHS and FBI is utterly intolerable,” they continued, noting, “David Palumbo-Liu should condemn and dissociate from the Campus Antifa Network immediately, or else resign as a professor at Stanford University.”

Shortly after the article was published, the Stanford College Republicans (SCR), which is a conservative campus student group, shared it on their page. “SCR is disgusted that a Stanford professor, David Palumbo-Liu, is a ring-leader in the domestic terrorist Antifa movement,” they wrote in a statement included with the article.

“Antifa’s violence and thuggery is [sic] antithetical to the purpose of a university as an institution dedicated to the free exchange of ideas. We call on the administration to reprimand Palumbo-Liu and for him to resign immediately,” they added.  

In response to those demanding that he resign, Palumbo-Liu published an article of his own. In it, he attacked his critics and attempted to argue that his student group was somehow different than the other violent groups recently seen across the country.

Upon reading Palumbo-Liu article, however, the Stanford Review promptly published a second article rebutting just about everything that he wrote. At the start of the article, they first challenged Palumbo-Liu’s claim that “Antifa” and “anti-fascist” have different meanings. They then push back against the professor’s claim that he’s not a leader of the group because they have no centralized authority. After doing so, they then conclude the article by criticizing Palumbo-Liu for smearing them as “alt-right.”

Unsurprisingly, this article was also shared on the SCR’s Facebook page. Along with the article, they stated, “in an effort to deflect attention from his involvement in the domestic terrorist Antifa movement, Professor David Palumbo-Liu lashed out at the students who exposed him, laughably slandering them as members of the alt-right. Palumbo-Liu cannot hide from reality, and he should be held responsible for the groups with which he associates. We reiterate our call for his immediate resignation.”

Disturbingly, Palumbo-Liu isn’t the only teacher with known ties to Antifa. Back in June 2017, for instance, Eric Clanton, a former professor at Diablo Valley College, was allegedly caught on camera savagely bashing someone over the head with a bike lock.

As a consequence, he was fired, arrested, and charged with four counts of “felony assault” for causing great bodily injury. He also was charged with “wearing a mask during the commission of a crime,” which is a misdemeanor.

And prior to that, Yvonne “Yvette” Capistrano Felarca, a far-left middle school teacher at Berkeley Unified School District, was also arrested after engaging in assault. Specifically, she was filmed repeatedly striking a member of the Traditional Worker’s Party (TWP), a far-right political group, at a political rally in Sacramento back in 2016. During the attack, she accused him of being a “Nazi” and chanted “get the f*** off our streets!”

In addition to Felarca, three others, Porfirio Paz, William Planer, and Michael Williams, were also arrested for engaging in criminal activity during the 2016 riot. Of the three, Paz is the only other known counter-protester. Planer, on the other hand, is allegedly a supporter of the TWP while Williams’ affiliation is currently unknown.

Thankfully, though, it looks like Felarca will likely be held accountable for her actions. This is because she has since been taken into custody and charged with “assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot, and inciting a riot.”

Individuals with ties to violent extremist groups have no place on a school campus. Hopefully, Stanford University understands this and ultimately fires Palumbo-Liu if he refuses to quit.