Democrats Found In Violation

PUBLISHED: 4:05 PM 26 Mar 2018

Two Prominent Democrats Are In Big Trouble With The Ethics Committee

Two Democrats were ordered by the Ethics Committee to pay back large amounts of money they owe.

Two prominent democrats were ordered to repay thousands of dollars for violations.

The House Ethics Committee found that two prominent democrats violated chamber rules and inappropriately used taxpayer money, according to Politico.

Illinois Democratic Reps. Luis Gutierrez and Bobby Rush were ordered to pay back large amounts of money to the federal government for substantial violations.

Both democrats were officially found guilty by the committee on Thursday, but for separate violations.

The Office of Congressional Ethics reported there was “substantial reason to believe” both Gutierrez and Rush violated House rules.

Gutierrez paid Doug Scofield, a former staffer, for a decade from his official congressional account. The problem is that he wasn’t officially working for Gutierrez.

Instead, Scofield was working as a consultant for Gutierrez on other projects but was being paid with government money — meaning from taxpayers.

Gutierrez was ordered to personally repay $9,700 to the Treasury Department for making improper payments to Scofield.

The committee found Rush was in violation for accepting free office space in downtown Chicago, Illinois. Rush was ordered by the committee to personally pay back roughly $14,600.

Last week, it was announced that 15 percent of Rush’s congressional salary — $174,000 annually — would be garnished so he could repay $1 million he owes on a loan.

Rush is delinquent on a massive loan he took out years ago to rebuild a church in Chicago.

In a statement about the two prominent democrats, the committee said there was more than enough evidence proving they violated the rules.

“Following its investigation, the Committee concluded that the rent-free office space was a gift to Representative Rush, which he accepted in violation of House rules and federal law,” the Ethics report read.

It added: “The Committee unanimously found that Representative Rush must repay the value of the impermissible gift, amend his Financial Disclosure statements to reflect the gift, and either vacate the office space or commence paying for the space within six weeks of the publication of this Report.”

Gutierrez and Rush are two crooked democrats who were caught violating rules and abusing taxpayer dollars.

Many would agree they should have been given a more severe punishment for their corrupt actions.