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PUBLISHED: 6:02 PM 28 Sep 2018

Two Leftist ‘Protestors’ Trapped Jeff Flake In Response To His Vote Declaration

The two leftists yelled at him for the better part of five minutes, though what they said didn't seem to change his mind.

Two leftist protestors trapped Jeff Flake in an elevator and denigrated him over his decision to vote for Kavanaugh.

The drama that rose up around the second of Donald Trump’s appointees to the United States Supreme Court has been, frankly, absurd. Through much of the process, Senator Jeff Flake, a ‘never Trumper’ who already announced that he would not be seeking reelection in 2018, said that he was not ready to declare his vote.

When he finally came forward on Friday morning, and stated that he would be voting in favor of Brett Kavanaugh, a pair of leftist women attacked, and trapped him in an elevator while they screeched at him. The female ‘protestor’, who demanded “look at me,” of the Senator, were stunned by his statement and response on the upcoming ‘vote.’ Her showboating likely didn’t result in what she thought it would.

In an absurd incident caught on video, two female protestors who claimed that they were rape victims (though, like with Christine Blasey Ford, their word is the only proof of such a claim) trapped Senator Flake of Arizona in an elevator.

They spent five minutes berating him and yelling at him.

They harangued him for ‘silencing’ rape victims by refusing to allow his vote to be swayed by a claim without any backing evidence.

The pair loudly claimed to be survivors of sexual assault, and, in a supreme act of narcissism, demanded that Flake, a fairly moderate republican by most accounts, look one of them in the eyes and tell here “that it doesn’t matter what happens to me.”

Both women repeatedly harangued him for voting for “someone who violated” a woman to sit on the United States Supreme Court, even though there has been no evidence to back up that allegation.

The two protestors repeatedly accused him of telling them that their “assault” didn’t matter.

All of this came about after he stated that he would be voting to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

While Jeff Flake did say that he was going to vote in favor of confirmation, his statement was not some resounding statement in support of the judge, nor did it ‘ignore’ the allegations made against Kavanaugh.

Instead, the Arizona Senator pointed out that, in another time, under different circumstances, a person with his qualifications would have gotten 90 votes or more.

Contrary to the claims of the two protestors who trapped him in an elevator for about five minutes, Flake ensure that Christine Ford’s claims were heard. He even insisted that she be allowed to testify before the vote was held.

He said that yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, which featured testimony from Ford and the accused Kavanaugh, left him with “as much doubt as certainty” about what to do.

At no time did he say that victims didn’t matter, or that their claims didn’t matter.

However, as he said in his statement, Flake upheld one of the basic guiding concepts of the United States criminal justice system: the idea that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, and that the burden of proof should always lie upon the accuser.

He held to the United States Constitution’s provisions concerning fairness and the concept of due process, rather than bowing to bullies who demanded that all allegations, even those without corroborating evidence, must be believed at face value.

Flake was not the only Senator to be accosted by an alleged ‘rape victim’ concerning the Kavanaugh case, however.

Senator Lindsey Graham, who had his home address and phone number leaked via Wikipedia during the hearing yesterday, was chased by activist Robyn Swirling down a hallway.

Swirling demanded to know if Graham, a former Air Force Judge Advocate General and private practice lawyer, would “believer” her claim of being assaulted 13 years ago, even though she couldn’t remember when it happened.

He replied that he was sorry, and said that she should tell the police, which she declared was “cruel, dismissive, and insensitive.”

Graham said that he didn’t find Ford’s account to be ‘convincing,’ and the he questioned her decision to take a polygraph test and to hire a lawyer.

Neither person said that they didn’t care about women who had been assaulted, or about women who had been harmed.

Leftists and activists seemed to decide that, in the battle of ideas between fair due process for all accusations and ‘being believed,’ they would rather ‘be believed’ without any evidence.

However, the vote is already done.