Armed Robbery Thwarted

PUBLISHED: 10:21 PM 17 Aug 2018

Two Armed Men Arrested After Pharmacy Owner Opens Fire & Foils Robbery

They stormed into the pharmacy demanding narcotics but fled when they realized the store owner also had a firearm.

Two men were recently arrested after a pharmacist in Maryland thwarted their armed robbery attempt by shooting at them with a revolver (pictured above).

Just recently, two armed men barged into a pharmacy in Princess Anne, Maryland and attempted to rob it. Thankfully, though, the owner of the pharmacy also had a firearm. Upon hearing the commotion caused by the robbery, he grabbed his handgun and went to investigate.

Moments later, he reportedly saw one of the robbers who had targeted his store for theft holding what appeared to be an “assault rifle” and promptly opened fire, causing the two punks, who likely didn’t expect that to happen, to flee.

A short time later, officers with the local police department promptly launched an investigation into the incident and have since placed two men who they believe to be the robbers under arrest.

Specifically, law enforcement officials with the Princess Anne Police Department recently arrested 22-year-old Cody Allen King and 22-year-old Justin Michael Bull and charged them both with “armed robbery, robbery, and conspiracy to commit armed robbery” for allegedly attempting, and hilariously failing, to rob Karemore Pharmacy, a local drug store.

According to reports, the incident, which occurred earlier this week, began when two men wearing ski masks purportedly stormed into the pharmacy with a rifle and allegedly ordered everyone to get on the ground. They then proceeded to demand narcotics.

“The man with the rifle ordered everyone down on the ground, including one customer, a woman, who happened to be in the store,” recalled Wasim Amir, the owner of Karemore Pharmacy, while speaking to reporters in the wake of the incident.

After everyone was told to get down, Amir, who’d apparently been sitting in his office at the time, told reporters that he had supposedly heard the commotion caused by the robbery and purportedly went to investigate. Before leaving his office, though, Amir reportedly grabbed a loaded revolver that he had secured in a drawer for protection.

The store owner then mentioned that he proceeded to make his way toward where he believed the commotion was coming from. As he drew near, however, Amir was met by a man holding what he described as an “assault rifle” and promptly opened fire on him.

“I don’t know much about guns, but it was a big gun and looked like an assault weapon,” he explained to reporters.

“When he saw my revolver, he yelled to the other man to run, saying ‘He has a gun’ and both of them started running away,” continued Amir, adding, “I fired once in their direction, but it doesn’t seem like anyone was hit.”

In addition to firing at the suspects, one of the other employees of the store also pressed a panic button, which notified the local police department of their emergency. Although the suspects, believed to be King and Bull, had fled the scene by the time the officers had arrived, they were both taken into custody a short time later.   

Thankfully, no one was reportedly injured during the incident and no property was taken by either of the two suspects. One of the windows, however, was apparently damaged by the bullet that was fired by the owner and needed to be replaced.

Following the arrest of the two suspects, Amir made sure to praise the community and the hard work of the local police officers.

“I just want to thank the community here,” Amir stated.

“They’ve been so supportive, so loving and I’m just very thankful to everyone,” he continued, adding, “it’s so heartwarming.”

Disturbingly, this was not the first time that Amir had been robbed. Back in November 2011, for instance, he was actually robbed twice. Alarmingly, in addition to the robberies, Amir noted that he has also been the target of several break-ins.

Much like this most recent robbery, the suspects in the first robbery, which occurred at a different pharmacy he owns, had also demanded narcotics.

“After the first robbery attempt, we put in a bigger safe in the Salisbury store,” noted Amir while speaking about the incident.   

“The second time, the pharmacist behind the counter threw some random pill bottles that were sitting on the counter at the robber, who then fled,” claimed the store owner.

Several days later, local officers reportedly arrested three suspects and charged them with “armed robbery, robbery, first and second-degree assault, and other charges.”

Without a doubt, many would view the recent incident involving Amir’s pharmacy as a reason why gun ownership is so important. If Amir had not been armed with his own firearm, the robbers could have not only stolen from him but also may have injured innocent people in the process.

Another incident that recently highlighted the importance of gun ownership occurred several weeks ago in the state of Washington.

Specifically, an armed bystander recently helped stop an unhinged carjacker in a Walmart parking lot. According to reports, the suspect, who was later identified as 44-year-old Tim O. Day, purportedly entered a local Walmart fired a gun several times while inside.

He then reportedly ran back outside and proceeded to try and carjack someone. When the man driving the car resisted, Day shot him several times and moved on to another car. By that time, though, an armed bystander had drawn near and heroically shot the deranged man dead.

And in California a few months before that, the importance of gun ownership was also highlighted when a father used his personal firearm to shoot one of his daughter’s ex-boyfriends after he broke into their house.

Clearly, guns have the potential to help individuals protect themselves and others from dangerous criminals. Hopefully, stories like this will help some on the left realize this and abandon what many say is an absurd support for gun control.