Anchor Accuses GOP Of Racism

PUBLISHED: 12:47 AM 15 Feb 2018

TV Anchor Accuses GOP Of “Making America White Again”

He states that Democrats want a diverse country, Republicans do not.

President Trump wants a fair and balanced system that is based on merit.

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos announced to the American audience on Anderson Cooper 360, that President Donald Trump and the Republicans want immigration reform to “have a white country again.” By making this an issue about race, Ramos has ignored all the immigrants who are white and will still be affected by the reform.

Ramos thinks that the issue is a trade-off that is DACA for “just a few miles of wall,” and nothing else. He seems to ignore the concern over the illegal aliens that are not covered by DACA.

Instead of seeing migration reform as an effort to preserve American culture, in terms of the constitutional republic and liberty, Ramos reduces the problem to issues of race.

The president is seeking comprehensive reforms that will protect the country into the future. He continues to push for more than just a security wall, which is a central concern but not the only one.

Being in control of who enters the country, and for what purpose they are motivated by, has very little to do with such over-simplifications. The citizens should have the right to determine who will enter the country, rather than simply allowing millions of people to enter simply because they know someone who lives here.

Chain migration, which allows for family members to request visas, will add millions of foreign-born voters in the coming decades. The U.S. accepts millions of new people, the vast majority through chain migration. Many who are coming from very different forms of government and will likely vote Democrat.

Many Americans are concerned with the way in which new citizens are selected. This includes the Latin community. Ramos should not discount the patriotism of legal immigrants.

This issue is a problem for citizens, who the Koch brothers intend on supporting by fighting for the reformation of the country’s immigration policies. The powerful political influences would like to see a reduction in legal immigration in general.

It has been reported that for every four Americans searching for jobs, there are two immigrants competing for the same positions. There is a similar effect for students who want to attend their state universities.

Overall, the continued racist division that Ramos’ rhetoric achieves does very little to convince the citizenry of the merits of chain migration. There are many different colors of people in the Republican Party.

The Dream Act was introduced in 2001. By making the lack of a resolution about President Trump, Ramos is sustaining a difficult argument to support. Some of the very same issues were raised during previous attempts by lawmakers to reform the country’s immigration policies.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has confronted Ramos, questioning his views that seem to suggest that Americans want open borders. Ramos’ arguments are old and fail to resonate with the truth about current immigration problems.

Ramos said that 11 million undocumented immigrants were here because of “us.” This was a reiteration of the weak argument that immigrants only want jobs that no citizen will do.

Carlson stated, “I find your premise somehow deeply disingenuous… [It’s] not because of me. It’s because a small number of employers wanted to pay less for labor and the Democratic Party wanted voters.”

Carlson went on to question why Americans should allow the importation of a new electorate that gets to decide how the government operates. Ramos did not respond directly to the difficult question.

Instead, Ramos continues to focus on the idea that regular Americans do not want to work at hotels or restaurants. He ignores the effect immigration has on other industries, where American citizens are finding it difficult to find new employment.

Ramos makes generalizations that simply are not true, and are the definition of racism and discrimination. He does not address any facts or statistics that show how unchecked immigration negatively impacts the country.

The White House has been clear that any deal needs to work towards a solution that is sustainable. It has been over 17 years in the making.

The current system for new immigrants is based on family ties, however distant the relationship may be. The new system should select newcomers based on “economic and national security criteria.”

The current system challenges the way we screen for possible new citizens, who are granted full rights to vote. Each day, the family ties system admits enough migrants to be resettled to fill a large high school. Every year, this amounts to the population larger than the size of Washington D.C.