Fiery Tucker Monologue

PUBLISHED: 6:44 PM 4 Nov 2020

Tucker Truth Bomb: Says What Everyone Knows But Refuses To Acknowledge

This is exactly correct.

Right! (Source: Fox News YouTube Screenshot)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is apparently the only person on that network who is committed to accurate reporting. And, last night, he let the polling ‘experts’ have it.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemned pollsters who proclaimed a big polling advantage for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden — especially in Florida, where early numbers look favorable for President Trump.

Joining Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum for Fox News’s Election Day coverage, Carlson pointed to initial numbers out of Florida that suggest Trump has made serious inroads within the Hispanic community.

“Kind of not what we were told to expect,” Carlson said. “Elections tell you what the parties actually look like, not what you imagine they look like, but you find out who voted for them, so the coalitions become really clear. And in Florida, the population center, of course, Miami-Dade County, biggest county in the state — Hillary Clinton four years ago got 334,000 votes there. An hour ago, with 84% reporting, Donald Trump had already outstripped that by more than 100,000 votes. ”

A strong Hispanic turnout for Trump signals a big night in Florida for the incumbent who struggled to capture minority votes in 2016.

“Now, Miami-Dade is 70% Hispanic,” Carlson said. “That’s not what you would’ve expected if you’ve been watching for the past six months, the attempt to racialize everything, the attempt to make Trump the greatest racist in world history. You would expect, whether you buy that or not, you would expect that would depress the votes for Trump in Miami-Dade County, but the opposite happened.”

As of 8:30 p.m. EST, Trump holds a lead in Florida, a state that is considered a must-win for the incumbent. Carlson, who has the top-rated show on basic cable news, noted FiveThirtyEight pollster Nate Silver said on Tuesday morning that the Sunshine State was leaning toward Biden.

“This is not what people predicted,” Carlson said. “This morning, the New York Times, Nate Silver had the president’s chances at winning Florida at 31%. So, you have to kind of wonder how did that, I mean, these are smart people. They have access to all the data. They thought about this deeply. It’s their job to think about it — how could they be that wrong on the day of the election?”

Carlson said that “at some point,” the media would need to “pause and ask” serious questions about the lead-up to future elections.