Tsunami “Warning” Alarms East Coast

PUBLISHED: 6:30 PM 6 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 10:05 PM 6 Feb 2018

Tsunami Warning Text Came Without Test Label

For many, the fact that is was a test could only be seen after clicking on a series of links.

AccuWeather caused quite a bit of worry in Florida today.

There was a lot of press given when a nuclear attack warning system was mistakenly issued in Hawaii recently. Everyone looked at the protocols, the lack of backup systems, and even the man who seemed confused when he issued it. Even with all of that known, most people had thought that it was simply a Hawaiian issue, not a problem that was extant all over the nation.

Such are hopes are being reanalyzed as Palm Beach County conducted a tsunami test that sent many residents into a panic, according to the Palm Beach Post. The strange part here is that this is said to be a “monthly test,” so we are left to wonder how this mishap was even possible.

Things got quite confusing and all too real as AccuWeather proved to be less than accurate and issued what looked like real warnings to people! Only after a “few clicks” did they think to type that this was a test.


Robert Molleda, warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service’s Miami office said that it was not anyone there who is to blame. “This is a test” was written not once, but twice. It was even said in Spanish.

The test for the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and even FEMA mentioned in their daily “roll call,” but these precautions against panic did not transfer over well.

The National Weather Service Tsunami Warning this morning was a TEST. No Tsunami warning is in effect for the East Coast of the U.S,” said AccuWeather around 9 a.m., long after many residents were already in a panic.

We don’t have a record, as far back as we know, of tsunami in southeast Florida and Palm Beach County,” said Molleda. “The tsunami risk here is pretty low. It’s not zero. But it’s pretty low.” He feels that even the 20-foot wave during 1991’s “Perfect Storm” was one such exception.

Still, that and others would be “muted,” he claims.

Others have reason to believe that Atlantis was sunk due to such waves and after what we saw in Fukushima prefecture in Japan, we cannot be too careful.

We can be a bit more careful with our alert systems, however.

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