Sharia Law Disapproval

PUBLISHED: 11:28 PM 21 Mar 2018

Trump’s UN Nominee Blasted For Spouting Mainstream Opinion Concerning Sharia Law

Apparently, CNN dug up some ancient texts so they could tar and feather him a racist.

Mr. Trump is finding that his views are in line with most Americans.

Ken Isaacs, the forward-thinking gentleman who President Donald Trump has nominated “to oversee the UN’s International Organization of Migration” is seen by some as radical. He views Islam correctly (which is to say the way that snowflakes do not) and he has caught a lot of grief for it. However, his views may not be so out of line with both facts and the outlooks of a majority of Americans, as the Daily Caller makes known today.

The left-leaning news outlet, CNN, highlighted Isaacs’ posts which appeared on social media and which warned of “creeping sharia.” This is not only the name of another news outlet, but it is also an accurate testimony as to what Islam is bringing into the West. This is not an opinion since those clamoring for sharia are making it well known.

Really, the only thing that Isaacs called for was for parents to pay close attention to the force-feeding and the sneaking in of the Islamic faith in schools. That is simply prudent thought, not in any way harmful, untrue, or beyond the right afforded him by the First Amendment to say.

In the past, Isaacs has said that Islam promotes violence, and this truth, too, is very easy to prove, just by opening up the Koran. He feels that Christians should get priority when refugees are chosen from the Middle East, and since it is those who follow Christ who are being butchered by Islamists (proving his first point), that also is not a radical stance to have.

Showing that he is not the off keel person that CNN would like to portray him as, the nominee said, “I pledge to hold myself to the highest standards of humanity, human dignity, and equality if chosen to lead IOM.

Mr. Trump is standing proudly by his choice, a man who “has years of experience helping running Christian relief organizations and worked in the George W. Bush administration as a top official in the US Agency for International Development,” according to the Caller.

Democrats and those opposed to the White House seem to think that Donald Trump should appoint someone who agrees with them, as if they had won the election. It is their views which have caused the danger and the problems that are not be remedied by him!

Isaacs’ views are in line with most of America and even the U.S.A Today – hardly a haven of conservative thought – found that a majority of U.S. citizens agreed with the travel ban as laid out by Mr. Trump, too.

Likewise, Newser shows that 56% “of Americans believe the country should take in Christian refugees but not Muslim ones.” This is a more stringent view than Isaac has, a man who wants to see Christians simply taken care of first. Since they are the ones being mostly displaced, disrespected, and slaughtered for no reason (other than for rightfully denying Islam), this only makes sense.

Pew has found that 41% of the U.S. knows that Islam promotes violence, one of the other “extreme” truths shown by Trump’s nominee. The National Post has displayed how this problem of Islamization is taking over the E.U., and that Americans do not want that to happen here.

There is nothing wrong with that point of view, either, for it is the correct one to hold. It may sound harsh to say so, but even social justice warriors admit that Islamic nations have a right to choose how many Christians are accepted into their nations in order to protect the culture and way of life.

Shouldn’t those in the U.S. have the same right?