Trump Alert Goes

PUBLISHED: 7:25 PM 3 Oct 2018

Trump’s Text Alert Green Lighted By The Courts

The White House is wanting to conduct a FEMA test, but have met some opposition in the process.

The FEMA Alert texts are going to happen.

Many privacy rights groups and others were alarmed to learn to that, according to the New York Post, Manhattan Judge Katherine Polk Failla has ruled that there will be no restraining order to halt President Donald Trump‘s testing of the FEMA Alert System.

Some people have said that they don’t want to be forced to take a test from America‘s leader, something that will happen later today. Two-hundred-million people are going to get the testing text even though attorneys had represented those who “objected because they believed that the government should not be able to control what messages Americans receive on their devices.”

Now, the alert can not be stopped, but many people wonder what sort of argument this was to begin with.

Plaintiff Liane Nikitivich said at a news conference outside the courthouse that she was “not sure how terrorism is defined and who will be found to be a terrorist” by Uncle Sam. “Will terrorism be women marching in the streets? Teachers protesting? I don’t know.”

Unless the person getting the text has to pay for it (most texting plans today are free/unlimited, at least for the time paid for), a simple test isn’t really worthy of the all of the outcry, according to many people.

However, while President Donald Trump isn’t likely to abuse this new tool, will others in the future? This is the concern that some civil libertarians and others have regarding this practice.

Also, after Hawaii scared everyone with their governmental texting and/or warning procedures, Nikitivich remained worried about alarming younger children who may not understand that it is a test. “For our children, it may be frightening to them,” she opined. Of course, many educators have pointed out that simply telling the children that the text is coming and not to be frightened is also quite easy.

The government said that if people are opposed to getting such messages, they can shut the devices off. Plaintiff Kristine Rakowsky disagreed, however, and stated that “she needs her phone on because she’s a caretaker for a 4-year-old and her elderly father.”

She insisted, “I need to have my phone on and I should be able to have my phone on anytime without receiving these alerts.” However, to imply that she has a “need” to not get a text just isn’t very logical to many legal minds.

It is noted that the “test was of a previously unused presidential alert system that aims to warn the public in the event of a national emergency,” not to conduct anything nefarious or unconstitutional. The texting is expected to happen at 2:18 est.

At 2:20, the TV and radio alerts will be given, also.

FEMA has also told everyone what to expect: “the messages would bear the headline ‘Presidential Alert,’ and that phones will make a loud tone and have a special vibration.” Since the messages clearly are to say, “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed,” no one – even children – are expected to be made uneasy.

While it seems easy to say that “Donald Trump is texting everyone,” that isn’t really the case at all, either. This is a FEMA test, allowed by the White House, so sent from the White Hosue. It is being done so that if an emergency arises, everyone can be alerted. No president can “wake up one morning and attempt to send a personal message,” officials have said.

Regardless of rumors to the contrary, Mr. Trump isn’t sending them from his phone or hitting “send.

In a nutshell, many libertarians and others are quick to point out how this practice could someday be abused. If their claims are true, then the proper restraints should be put on now, say many people in New York and elsewhere. However, there isn’t a reason, they say, to stop the testing of a technology which could work to save innocent lives.