Trump Visit ‘Violation’

PUBLISHED: 1:07 PM 27 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 6:31 PM 27 Dec 2018

Trump’s Act Attacked: Media Claims Hat Signing Visit, Photos Were Violation

CNN and other leftist media ‘experts’ are arguing that President Trump violated protocol when he signed MAGA hats for troops in Iraq and posted images of Special Forces personnel.

Media 'experts' are attacking the actions of President Trump during his Christmas visit to troops in Iraq.

After President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made a surprise Christmas visit to troops in Iraq and Germany, the liberal-controlled wing of the media has been quick to try to find some way to attack him.

It was not enough that the soldiers were thrilled, one even saying he reenlisted because Trump won, liberals had to disparage and slander the president’s actions. The ways they found: claim signing MAGA hats and posting images of Special Forces personnel were ‘violations’ of military protocol.

Yet, on Twitter, scores of hate-filled leftists complained that President Trump used the visit as a campaign event and brought boxes of hats to give to the troops.

CNN’s Pentagon correspondent claimed the act may have violated Defense Department rules.

“What commander allowed that to really happen?” Barbara Starr asked Wednesday night.

“This is very much against military policy and regulation,” Starr said. “Troops are not supposed to be involved in political activities, the U.S. military is not a political force.”

“The sayings ‘Trump 2020’ and ‘Make America Great Again’ are political slogans of a Trump campaign, they are not governmental sayings, to say the least,” Starr complained.

However, reports suggest that the president didn’t bring any hats with him, that they belonged to the military personnel on the base who requested the signatures.

Defense Department policy says that “active duty personnel may not engage in partisan political activities and all military personnel should avoid the inference that their political activities imply or appear to imply DoD sponsorship, approval, or endorsement of a political candidate, campaign, or cause.”

Pool reporters explained some of the troops had brought their own hats, including one that said “Trump 2020.”

“We will have to see if that actually proves to be the case,” Starr shamefacedly said.

Retired Rear Adm. John Kirby, a CNN analyst, also accused Trump of politicizing the visit, and called the act “completely inappropriate.”

“Every time he’s around military audiences, he tends to politicize it, and he brings in complaints and grievances from outside the realm of military policy,” Kirby claimed.

Philippe Reines had previously explained how the president’s trip to Iraq earned him “ZERO credit,” and now assumed that he loaded up this transport with Trump 2020 hats and patches and handed them out to every soldier he encountered.

Leftists are also bemoaning the fact that the president posted a video of himself and some of the U.S. Navy SEAL team deployed to Iraq.

“While the commander-in-chief can declassify information, usually the specific special operations unit is not revealed to the American public, especially while U.S. service members are deployed.

“Official photographs and videos typically blur the individual faces of special operation forces, due to the sensitive nature of their job.

“The president’s video posted Wednesday did not shield the faces of special operation forces. [Unidentified] Current and former Defense Department officials told Newsweek that information concerning what units are deployed and where is almost always classified and is a violation of operational security.”

“The deployments of special operation forces, including Navy SEALs are almost classified events, as to protect those men and women that are on the front lines of every overt and covert conflict the United States is involved in,” a Defense Department official told Newsweek on condition of anonymity.

“Even during special operation demonstrations for congressional delegations or for the president or vice president, personnel either have their faces covered or their face is digitally blurred prior to a release to the general public,” the official said.


Many people agree that these men and women are in LESS danger than they’ve ever been, given that under the last administration, scores of assets were exposed and slaughtered due to the specific actions of both Obama and Hillary.

The fact of the matter is very clear. The military loves President Trump. Patriotic American people love President Trump. And, President Trump IS making America great again though no-nonsense negotiation and sound decisions.

Those things are enough to send any liberal into a spiraling vortex of frustration, rage and hate.