Mexico Concedes

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 10 Jun 2019
UPDATED: 3:56 PM 10 Jun 2019

Trump Wins With Mexico! Times Claims ‘Nothing New’ But Facts Prove Truth

The president’s actions caused Mexico to concede huge efforts to prevent the illegal invasion of the U.S. Southern border, but the New York Times is claiming that the deal is ‘nothing new.’

There are plenty of 'new' concessions in the deal, but liberals don't want to report on those.

On Friday, Mexico made concessions with the United States, vowing to thwart the massive invasion of the nation’s Southern border. But, to leftist outlets like the New York Times, the historic agreement is ‘nothing new.’

However, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan explained that the White House’s immigration deal with Mexico features a host of fresh concessions from America’s neighbor, blasting the Times report as nothing more than fake news.

The Times, of course, claims they are correct, despite the many lies that they’ve printed in the past.

The Daily Caller reported:

“All of it is new,” McAleenan said on “Fox News Sunday” about the president’s deal to bolster enforcement of illegal immigration.

“We’ve heard commitments before from Mexico to do more on their southern border. The last time they deployed down there was about four or 500 officers,” he said. “This is more than a tenfold commitment to increase their security in Chiapas — that’s where people are entering from Guatemala into southern Mexico.”

The comments followed an agreement between the U.S. and Mexico, reached Friday, regarding how to handle the influx of illegal immigrants pouring across both countries.

The U.S. has revoked its threat to slap the Latin American country with a 5% tariff on all of its goods. In return, the Mexican government has pledged to send around 6,000 National Guard troops to its southern border with Guatemala, allow more asylum seekers to remain in Mexico, and more forcefully combat human trafficking and smugglers.

However, officials quoted in a New York Times article Saturday claim that much of the deal includes nothing new.

Pledges to send more security to its Guatemalan border and an expansion of an asylum program, according to the report, were agreed to by Mexico several months ago under then-DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

McAleenan, who has been leading the Department of Homeland Security since April, vehemently pushed back on that narrative Sunday

“It is very different. The president put a charge in this whole dialogue with Mexico with the tariff threat — brought them to the table,” the acting DHS secretary said. “This is the first time we’ve heard anything like this kind of number of law enforcement being deployed in Mexico to address migration — not just at their southern border, but also on the transportation routes to the northern border and in coordinated patrols in key areas along our southwest border.”

President Donald Trump, for his part, called the article “another false report in the Failing [New York Times]” in a Sunday morning tweet.

The DHS chief also pushed back against criticism from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said, “Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy.”

“People can disagree with the tactics. Mexico came to the table with real proposals. We have an agreement that, if they implement, will be effective,” he said of Trump’s strategy in using a tariff threat to wield negotiation results.

On Sunday, President Trump added that the Times was “The Enemy of the People.”

The New York Post reported:

​”Another false report in the Failing @nytimes. We have been trying to get some of these Border Actions for a long time, as have other administrations, but were not able to get them, or get them in full, until our signed agreement with Mexico​,” the president wrote on Twitter.

Trump continued that Mexico for years had not been cooperative in talks about the border but he said he spoke to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and believes he wants to “get the job properly done.”

The president also signaled that there will be more announcements “at the appropriate time.”

He also cautioned that if Mexico doesn’t carry through on its promises, “we can always go back to our previous, very profitable, position of Tariffs​.”

​”But I don’t believe that will be necessary. The Failing @nytimes, & ratings challenged @CNN, will do anything possible to see our Country fail! They are truly The Enemy of the People!​,” the president wrote in the last of four postings on the matter.​

Several hours after Trump’s tweets, the newspaper responded, saying it was “confident in our reporting.”

“And as with so many other occasions, our stories stand up over time and the president’s denials of them do not. Calling the press the enemy is undemocratic and dangerous,” said the posting that included a link to the report.

The Times on Saturday reported that one of the components of the deal – Mexico agreeing to deploy its National Guard troops to the Guatemalan border – had been decided on in March during discussions between former Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Mexico’s Interior Secretary Olga Sanchez.