Trump Stops Money

PUBLISHED: 5:17 PM 11 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 5:17 PM 11 Jul 2018

Trump Will End Obama-Era Rule Allowing Unions To Take Medicaid Funds

Trump will end an Obama-era rule that allowed unions to siphon $200 million a year from Medicaid.

Trump is undoing Obama's union rules.

The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it will end an Obama-era rule that gave an “exception” to unions so they could illegally take money from worker’s Medicaid, according to Fox News. The media, of course, “overlooked” this for four years when former President Barack Obama unlawfully allowed money to be siphoned to his Democrat worshipers.

The Obama-era rule allowed unions to take large sums of money from state subsidies there were supposed to provide services and resources for home health workers, such as family caregivers. This rule allowed unions to steal money, and now President Donald Trump is stepping in.

Current federal law largely forbids states from siphoning money from Medicaid payments, which are allocated for in-home caregivers and workers.

However, Obama created an exception to the rule in 2014 that allowed states to divert a huge chunk of Medicaid money to unions.

The public argument was that the workers were public-sector employees, and it would be legal.

In private, the Obama administration knew this rule change would allow Democrat-controlled unions to skim more money from states. Since it was signed into law, 11 liberal-leaning states have used the Obama rule to raise more than $200 million a year for unions.

Between 2014 and 2017, unions across the country took more than $2.2 billion from Medicaid and those who need health professionals.

House Republicans have been trying to pull the plug on the Obama rule for years, but haven’t been able to gain any traction.

But now that Trump is in office, the GOP now has the full support of the White House to reverse the rule and cut off unions from raking in money that they should never have had access to in the first place.

The Trump administration’s major announcement comes less than a month after the Supreme Court delivered a huge blow to unions and organized labor. The High Court held that non-union workers couldn’t be forced to pay agency fees to public-sector unions.

Experts project billions of dollars will now be diverted from unions.

Obama sanctioning this despicable rule won’t surprise many, as it was another crooked scheme by liberals to help unions — who donate hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrats in elections.

Unions, like just about all other Democratic organizations, will cheat, lie, and steal from anyone they can to gain power. Trump vowed on the campaign trail to scale back the overwhelming power Obama gave to unions, and he has just honored that promise.