Trump Blasts Border Crisis

PUBLISHED: 4:59 PM 22 Mar 2021

Trump Unloads Both Barrels On Biden Border Catastrophe, Suddenly, The Media Calls It “Crisis”

As usual…he’s right.

Spot on! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

President Trump blasted the Biden administration’s allowed invasion of the United States.

OANN reported:

President Trump ramped up criticism of Joe Biden over his failing immigration policies. The 45th President said in a statement Sunday, Biden’s handling of border security turned a “national triumph” into a “national disaster.”

President Trump also said the Biden border crisis would not have happened if Biden’s officials kept the existing immigration system running on autopilot. The 45th president added, Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is unqualified to lead the department because of his weak and false claims about the border.

Mayorkas has failed to acknowledge the crisis in recent TV interviews.

“The border is closed,” Mayorkas claimed. “We are expelling families. We are expelling single adults and we’ve made a decision that we will not expel young, vulnerable children. I think that we are executing on our plans and quite frankly when we are finished doing so, the American public will look back on this and say we’ve secured our border.”

President Trump also denounced Biden’s gag order, which bars immigration officials from talking about the crisis. The 45th President urged Congress to investigate the matter.

Additionally, the 45th President has now urged the DHS to restore his policies and complete construction of the border wall to end the crisis.