Trump Attacks

PUBLISHED: 7:07 PM 27 Jul 2018

Trump Trashes Former Lawyer On Twitter

He called out his lawyer and his lawyer's new lawyer, suggesting that they were not honest and were attempting to besmirch his reputation in order to cover for Cohen's bad investments in New York.

President Trump took to Twitter to trash his former lawyer, due to the claims he was making about what the President did and didn't know, many of which were contrary to earlier claims Cohen had made.

Earlier this week, a lawyer, Lanny Davis, representing Michael Cohen, who is, himself, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, leaked a recording of a discussion that the President had with his former legal counsel. It played on CNN, and began a new talking point for liberals.

The first tape claimed that President Donald Trump knew about attempts to suppress a story about an affair he had. Now, Cohen is making another claim. He said that Donald J. Trump was aware of a meeting with Russian individuals in Trump Tower. The President already fired back, saying that he did not know about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton, and Rudy Giuliani, said Cohen was a ‘liar.’ Moreover, experts have pointed out that even if the President was less than forthcoming about his knowledge of the meeting, that is not a criminal act.

In a tweet posted early Friday morning, Donald J. Trump made it very clear that, contrary to the possible claims of his former lawyer, he was not aware of the meeting between his son and the Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

President Trump went on to say that it sounded to him like ‘someone’ was trying to make up a story in order to “get himself out of an unrelated jam,” then mentioned something about ‘taxicabs.’

The President went on to point out how strange it was, to his thinking, that Cohen retained “Bill [Clinton] and Crooked Hilary’s lawyer.” He suggested that they may have helped him to choose the said lawyer.

The mention of ‘taxi cabs’ is related to financial troubles allegedly arising from Michael Cohen’s ownership and financing of the ‘cab medallions’ that New York City requires for someone to legally operate as a taxi driver.

President Trump has been angry for days that his former lawyer recorded their discussions, or even some of their discussions. However, as Ben Shapiro, a lawyer, and conservative commentator, stated, it is not technically illegal for Mr. Cohen to do so.

The president has repeatedly rebutted things that Cohen and Davis have said about his conduct.

That being said, Shapiro did portray it as a strange practice, and it certainly seems like the kind of thing that would make it hard to keep clients, once they found out about the practice.

Lanny Davis, the lawyer with Clinton ties representing Michael Cohen, was not available for response.

On Thursday night, Rudy Giuliani, one of Donald Trump’s lawyers and the former mayor of New York City, said that the President never knew anything about the meeting.

Giuliani also told NBC News that anything Cohen said couldn’t be trusted unless it was “corroborated five times.”

Giuliani has a point. Michael Cohen’s more recent statements almost are completely the opposite of what he has said in the past.

Even Donald Trump Jr. has repeatedly denied that his father ever knew anything about the meeting before it took place.

What took place during the ‘meeting’ has been the subject of no small amount of debate.

According to Trump Jr., the meeting was mostly consumed with discussion of a program for the adoption of Russian children.

Later, it was ‘revealed’ that the Russians who met with a handful of Trump campaign officials, including Paul Manafort, in Trump Tower were also offering information that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton and her attempts to become the President.

One of the attendees from Russia, Natalia Veselnitskaya, has since admitted that she worked for Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB president of Russia, as an informant.

Donald Trump didn’t only have harsh words for Michael Cohen, however. In another pair of tweets, he ripped the Robert Mueller Special Investigation for examining his Twitter statements in hopes of cobbling together an ‘obstruction’ charge.

On his Twitter feed, he said that this was just more evidence that the “rigged witch hunt” was continuing, and that the ongoing investigation was doing little more than wasting the President’s time, as well as that of the American people.

It certainly does seem that, at least in part, the Trump investigation is a waste of time. It doesn’t appear to have found any sort of evidence of actual wrongdoing that it claimed to be seeking, which is to say alleged ‘collusion’ between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia.

Indeed, many of the more serious charges that came from the investigation had nothing to do with ‘Russian collusion,’ and were related to conduct unconnected to the Trump campaign, such as Manafort’s time working as an (unregistered) lobbyist for a politician in Ukraine.