Shutdown Showdown Sparks

PUBLISHED: 5:47 PM 3 Jan 2019

Trump Takes Charge As GOP Stands United: Shutdown Will Continue

Even Mitt Romney, who wrote a scathing op-ed about the president the day before has said he would vote for wall funding, and the Senate will not even consider any measures that have no chance of getting the president’s signature.

The president is standing his ground on the border wall funding, and the GOP is behind him.

President Trump isn’t backing down on funding for the border wall, and neither are liberals, but Trump has the Senate behind him and he re-donned the mantle of a hardball negotiator during a meeting yesterday.

During a more than 90-minute public Cabinet meeting, the president explained the government shutdown could last “a long time” if Democrats who are taking control of the House on Thursday aren’t willing to cooperate.

“We have a long way to go and we want to solve the problems, not just sit back and enjoy the presidency,” Trump said.

Although presumptive House Speaker Nancy Pelosi garbled, “How many more times can we say no? Nothing for the wall,” on NBC’s “Today” show in on Thursday, and Chuck Schumer complained there was ‘no good reason’ for border wall funding, they are in a very small minority.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell stated, “Democrats will have to get serious about border security so that a government funding agreement can pass the House, earn 60 votes in the Senate, and receive a presidential signature,” adding, “All three of these things are needed. One partisan vote in the House won’t solve anything.”

“As I’ve said consistently for the last two weeks, the Senate will not waste its time considering a Democratic bill which cannot pass this chamber and which the President will not sign,” McConnell explained.

The president invited congressional leaders of both parties to the White House situation room Wednesday afternoon for a “border-security briefing,” followed by face-to-face budget negotiations, which were the first since before Christmas.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi repeated their vows to deny border security funding,

“Tomorrow we will bring to the floor legislation that will open up government. It will be based on actions taken by the Republican Senate,” Pelosi said.

However, those measures will fall flat, according to two prominent GOP Representatives.

“I say, let’s take the case to the American people,” Rep. Jim Jordan told Fox News Wednesday night, and many people agree.

Appearing with Jordan, Rep. Mark Meadows said most Americans want a safer community and a secure border.

He explained that Republicans have just launched a petition drive in support of the border wall:

“We’ve opened up, where we’re encouraging grass roots across the country — just started today — where they go in and sign a petition and say we are standing with the president, we want border security. But it’s really going to be your viewers and people like them across the country that have to speak up.”

The petition states, “I support President Trump’s plan to build the border security wall and I believe Congress should fund the wall now.”

“If you want to deal with the drug problem, the gang problem…and the human trafficking problem, you need a border security wall,” Rep. Jordan said. “That’s all we’re saying. And we’re only asking for $5 billion, and we were willing to come down some on that.”

“We are a nation of laws, let’s uphold the laws,” Meadows added. “And yet, here we are, border patrol agents, you just heard it there, border patrol agents that say they need a barrier, they needed tools to do that. We need to do that.

“Listen, the president has waited two years. He campaigned on this…. he’s waited two years. He said, enough is enough. Now is the time to do it. Let’s make sure that we get a border wall.”

In addition to GOP support, the president sounded off on his recent decisions.

As he allowed the media to remain in the Cabinet meeting for more nearly one hour and 45 minutes, Mr. Trump recalled many of his successes during the first two years in office, “including pulling the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal and pushing European allies to pay more for the NATO alliance. He spoke of cutting off aid to countries such as Pakistan.”

“That’s why I got elected — issues like that,” Mr. Trump said. “If I was popular in Europe, I wouldn’t be doing my job. I shouldn’t be popular in Europe. I don’t care about Europe. I’m not elected by Europeans, I’m elected by Americans, and by American taxpayers, frankly.”

And frankly, he’s absolutely correct.

Many Americans are sick and tired of the country being overrun with illegal criminals and politically correct madness.