Trump Goes For Gun Control

PUBLISHED: 5:01 PM 1 Mar 2018

Trump Surprises, Tells Congress He Will Sign Gun Control Bill

Since the Florida shooting he has been weighing options.

President Trump and a number of Congress members met on Wednesday to discuss the next legislative steps.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump hosted a number of congressional leaders in the White House. Discussing gun control and reform, the president seemed eager to prevent another school shooting like the one witnessed on St. Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida.

At first glance, the president appears to jump on the gun ban bandwagon. The president noted during his roundtable discussion, “Take firearms first, then go to court.”

President Trump emphasized the need for comprehensive background checks. The president also declared a need for changes to the current gun laws.

Suggesting that the age for purchasing a weapon be increased, the president also suggested that bump stocks will be banned by Executive Order. Demanding changes for background checks, many lawmakers have decided that mental health illness is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Insisting people need to be evaluated and their arms removed if they are determined to be unfit, many elected officials are on board with gun reform. Some Republicans feel uneasy about limiting the rights of the people.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) has drafted a bill that includes revamping background checks but was not as tough as the president would have liked. Cornyn admitted his bill was not the final solution in gun reform, but it was a good starting point.

Noting his bill was the logical starting point, Senator Cornyn expressed enthusiasm at getting his bill through the Senate.

Vying for bipartisan support, the president has separated from long-standing Republican traditions of ignoring any sort of gun control and reform. President Trump made numerous calls for actions during his roundtable discussion.

Reaching out to the Democrats for their opinions and views, the president asked the democratic members present if they had thoughts or concerns about gun control. Shy of banning all weapons entirely, the democratic party seems unable to provide any solutions.

Instead, Democrats demanded the National Rifle Association (NRA) no longer be able to make political contributions. Unable to compete with Republican fundraising, the Democrats are looking for any excuse to cut into the GOP’s coffers.

The president even chided some of his own party for accepting NRA money. Declaring that some Republicans may be afraid of the NRA, President Trump claims there is no reason to fear the massively influential body.

While many people watching the discussion noted that the president seems to be taking the democratic side of the issue, some have pointed to the previous joint meetings for insight.

A similar discussion was held concerning the issue of the Dream Act and illegal immigrants. While Democrats walked away from that meeting with the president feeling hopeful, no change was enacted.

In the immigration meeting, the president declared that he was ready to take the heat and fix the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The deadline for action is less than a week away and Democrats have completely forgotten about the once partisan issue.

With the national debate moving from illegal immigration to Second Amendment rights, the president finds himself once again agreeing with Democratic lawmakers.

Setting the stage for the nationwide 2018 midterm elections, the president is taking all the talking points away from the Democrats. Unable to tout their willingness to provide swift and immediate action on gun control, the president has figuratively disarmed his opponents.

The Democrats will now be forced to chose which position to take in the election. Do they rally their voter base and resist the president, or should the Democrats fall back on the decade-old agenda and cooperate with President Trump to enact gun control?

Many suggest, however, that the giant bill the president is proposing will not be able to pass both chambers of Congress. Instead, the president has made very loud endorsements of arming school staff.

By removing gun free zones from schools, President Trump believes that it will deter shootings from happening. Calling gunmen cowards, the president doubts they will be so eager to shoot up a school if they know there will be shoots returned.

By allowing highly trained and proficient school staff to conceal carry, the president is sure he will be able to curb school zone violence.

Backing a horse in every race, no one can claim that the president is not taking a hands-on leadership role. Being one of the most reactive and transparent leaders in American history, no one will blame President Trump if Congress is unable to come together to solve this problem.