Entitled Liberal Pummeled By Trump Supporter

PUBLISHED: 11:49 PM 21 Feb 2018

Trump Supporter Lashes Out At Entitled Liberal For Knocking Off MAGA Hat

He made it clear that he was not going to let someone mistreat his personal property.

Just recently, an entitled liberal smacked a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat off of a conservative, who responded by repeatedly punching him in the face.

(Warning, this article contains graphic content):

Just recently, an entitled liberal confronted two supporters of President Donald Trump and smacked one of their “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hats off of their head. In response, the Trump supporter whose hat was knocked responded by hurling several punches at the aggressor’s face. Amazingly, the whole incident was caught on video.

At the start of the video, the bearded leftist can be seen approaching two conservatives who appear to be demonstrating on the sidewalk. As he approached, the person filming asked, “why are you throwing your drinks out on people?”

In response, the unidentified leftist, who was wearing a white shirt at the time, replied, “I’m not throwing anything.”

The person filming, however, insisted that he did. Rather than argue, though, the liberal asked, “what were you saying…about America first?”

They answered by telling him that they were talking about protecting America first. This, quite bizarrely, prompted him to assert that he’s a Native American. “I’m a Native American, b****!” shouted the clearly unhinged leftist, as if that mattered.

“Me too, I was born in Dallas,” replied one of the conservatives.

This, unsurprisingly, led to an argument about what it means to be a “Native American.” After they debated for several seconds, the person filming asked, “why are you so angry?”

Without hesitation, the unidentified liberal screamed, “genocide, b****! That f****** hat caused f****** genocide, b****!”

He then turned towards one of the conservatives, said “f*** you, b****,” and knocked the MAGA hat he was wearing off of his head.

Outraged, the unidentified conservative leaped into action and punched his assailant five times in the face. After being struck, the liberal continued to try and escalate the situation by throwing a nearly-empty cup at the one who struck him.

In response, the conservative stormed up and punched him one more time in the face. “What the f***, dude?” cried the liberal after being struck.

“You assaulted him, dude! Get out of here!” replied the filmmaker.

“Go that way!” added the other conservative.

Still, the humiliated liberal refused to leave. “f*** you! You f****** assaulted me! I want all of your names!” he shouted as people driving by honked their horns.

The conservatives, however, refused to identify themselves and chose to continue arguing with the deranged lunatic. After several minutes of shouting back and forth, though, the leftist gave up and decided to walk away.

Sadly, it’s not entirely uncommon for someone to physically lash out at conservatives. Several weeks ago, for example, an unidentified 56-year-old man had to be taken to the hospital shortly after being beaten up by an Antifa thug who was later identified as David Campbell. According to reports, Campbell, who spotted the elderly man leaving the event, followed him for about a block before allegedly choking and punching him.

Thankfully, though, someone who witnessed the attack immediately dialed 911 and reported the assault. Shortly after the call was placed, paramedics arrived at the scene and brought the victim to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

Police officers also showed up and arrested Campbell. He’s currently facing charges of “assault, weapons possession, assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and loitering.”

Several months prior to that, a black conservative who was filming people participate in a “March Against White Nationalism” was punched in the face by a member of Antifa. After striking the aggressor back, he then flagged down a police officer who happened to be driving by and filed a police report.

The protesters tried to lie to the officer about what happened. Fortunately, since the whole incident was caught on camera, it was easy for the officer to figure out what really happened.

And a few weeks before that, Eric Clanton, an Antifa professor who used to teach at Diablo Valley College, was also caught on camera savagely bashing someone over the head with a bike lock.

As a consequence, he was arrested and charged with four counts of “felony assault” for causing great bodily injury. He also was charged with “wearing a mask during the commission of a crime,” which is a misdemeanor.

On top of that, Yvonne “Yvette” Capistrano Felarca, a prominent far-left Antifa extremist known for organizing and advocating for militant protests, was arrested as well for engaging in an assault against conservatives.

Specifically, she was filmed repeatedly striking a member of the Traditional Worker’s Party (TWP), a far-right political group, at a political rally in Sacramento back in 2016. During the attack, she accused him of being a “Nazi” and chanted “get the f*** off our streets!”

Conservatives need to continue to stand up to the authoritarian left. Doing so will let them know that their use of violence and intimidation to silence those they disagree with will not be tolerated.