Red Hen Vandalism

PUBLISHED: 8:07 PM 28 Jun 2018

Trump Supporter Helps Red Hen Uphold Disgusting Reputation In Act Of Protest

He was arrested on multiple charges.

The Red Hen restaurant became an even more repulsive business when it found itself covered in chicken feces on Tuesday.

Since the liberally operated Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia denied White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders service, the right has vocally opposed leftist intolerance. Responding to the incident, President Donald Trump humorously added that the restaurant appears to also be unsanitary inside and out.

While outraged conservatives opposed the establishment at a recent protest, one diehard republican expressed this in a disgusting ‘hit’ against the restaurant which resulted in him being arrested. However, considering the business’ repulsive practices and appearances, it seemed admittedly appropriate.

Protests against The Red Hen’s ridiculous treatment towards Sanders and her family last weekend began as soon as she tweeted about it on Saturday morning.

However, the controversy has continued surrounding the business, which many locals have opposed, with one resident and business owner, Marisa Turpin, saying “I can’t believe this is my little town.”

On Tuesday, Martinsburg, West Virginia resident Reginald Scott Lee, 51, participated in an organized demonstration outside The Red Hen.

While others carried signs and chanted, Lee opted for a more creative approach: to throw chicken feces at the restaurant named after the bird.

Despite the restaurant being completely deserving of this, Lee was arrested and charged with “littering and disorderly conduct.”

Yet others at the protest clearly felt the same way, as the crowd cheered Lee on. In a video posted on Twitter, one bystander can be heard yelling, ‘Not all heroes wear capes!’

While liberals will surely argue that Lee had acted immature and intolerant himself, they only have their own to blame.

Following the Red Hen incident, California Representative Maxine Waters directly suggested that fellow liberals harass Trump supporters for their views, just as Sanders was for her work with the Trump administration.

An elected politician making such a suggestion is also admittedly far more threatening than a civilian throwing some chicken waste during a protest.

Sanders noted this when she said of Water’s comments, “Healthy debate on ideas and political philosophy is important, but the calls for harassment and push for any Trump supporters to avoid the public is unacceptable.”

Of course, chicken excrement may not be considered ‘healthy,’ yet neither are the apparent dining conditions or attitudes of the restaurant.

However, the Sanders incident’s infamy resulted in its main offender now having a less significant influence on the Lexington community.

One of The Red Hen’s owners,’ Stephanie Wilkinson, was responsible for the decision in requesting the Sanders family leave the restaurant, blaming it on Sanders’ support for the Trump administration banning transgender persons from the military.

Wilkinson formerly served on behalf the community organization, Main Street Lexington, yet resigned following the controversy.

She claimed doing so out of concerns for the “continued success” of local businesses.

Of course, this only affirmed what republican politicians Bob Goodlatte and Ben Cline said of the Red Hen incident: that it was not an accurate representation of the local community and its values.

Consequently, this resulted in a protest involving animal feces.

While it perhaps did not need to escalate to such a level, it is admittedly satisfying to see fellow conservatives protesting outlandish liberal policies, hypocrisy, and intolerance.

Such demonstrations are necessary in supporting President Trump, Sarah Sanders, and the rest of the administration which the mainstream media tries to illustrate as being perpetually hated.

Throwing feces may seem like a liberal level to lower one’s self to, yet it does not compare with previous democratic demonstrations that have been admittedly more disgusting.

Just days before Christmas last year, a California man sent “a large amount of horse manure” to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s home, also for his affiliation to the Trump administration. It was wrapped like a present yet caused an unnecessary security scare involving the Secret Service.

Liberals found this humorous, yet such a stunt would be considered unacceptable if done on behalf of the right.

Considering that if the political parties had been the opposite that was the case in the Sanders’ incident, the establishment would be attacked far worse than is being done by conservatives. If opposed by democrats, it would unlikely even still be standing.

However, opposition towards The Red Hen in the form of social media input, protesting, and even bird feces have at least proven effective in preventing the restaurant from running its normal operations.

The establishment temporarily closed following Sanders’ visit and has not indicated when or if it will re-open.

One man at the protest, Chris Wayne, said about The Red Hen, “I hope they do open and I hope they don’t do any business.”

Such a negative effect on a local business has many wondering if it was worth denying Sanders. Of course, doing so was within The Red Hen’s full right as a private business, yet merely represented close-minded attitudes on the left.

As for Lee, his dedication to the cause surely implies that having his opinion expressed was worth being arrested for, something for which many are openly applauding him.