Trump Torches Obama With Viral Tweets

PUBLISHED: 10:06 PM 20 Feb 2018

Trump Sets Internet Ablaze With Brutal Tweet About Obama And Russia

Trump sent out two tweets reminding Democrats Obama said it was impossible to hack America's elections.

Trump exposes Obama and Democrats for hypocrisy.

President Donald Trump made the liberal media manic on Tuesday after he exposed former President Barack Obama for saying a person would be insane to suggest America’s elections could be hacked.

Trump’s two tweets not only went viral, but they used a quote from Obama to prove the liberal claim that Russia altered the outcome of the 2016 presidential election was pure lunacy.

Trump’s first tweet featured the quote from Obama in Oct. 2016, where he said “no serious person” would claim “you could even rig America’s election.”

Obama flatly stated, “there’s no evidence that that has happened in the past or that it will happen this time.”

At the time, Obama’s comment was aimed at mocking Trump who warned that election rigging was a possibility and a major cause for concern.But of course, we now know that the Obama administration knew about the efforts to influence the election against President Trump, but decided to keep it quiet.

More importantly, Obama’s remarks completely contradict what the Democratic Party has been claiming ad nauseam since Trump defeated twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In his second tweet, Trump explained how Obama and Democrats began to shift their strategy when “Crooked Hillary” lost the election.

Trump is absolutely correct.

When Obama thought Clinton was going to defeat Trump in the election, he mocked the Republican nominee and said it was impossible for Russia to meddle in our election.

Then when Trump easily won the election, Obama and Democrats immediately changed their tune and claimed Russia stole election from Clinton.

Democrats are doing everything imaginable to keep the Trump-Russia collusion theories alive despite Obama literally saying it was impossible for a foreign nation to hack our election.

Democrats are deeply invested in the collusion story because it provides them cover for losing the 2016 election, their lack of message, and fuels their obstructionist tactics against Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.

The American people know Russia didn’t elect Trump, and they can see Obama and the Democrats have been fully exposed for being hypocrites and sore losers.

Source: The Daily Wire