PUBLISHED: 10:34 PM 28 Nov 2016

Trump Sends A BOLD Message To Our Enemies, American Strength Finally Restored

Trump is ready to defend US interests and American Strength around the world.

Trump is ready to defend US interests and American Strength around the world.

Trump is ready to defend US interests and American Strength around the world.

In January, there will be a new sheriff in town on the world stage when Donald J. Trump becomes President. This will undoubtedly outrage and terrify many given that Trump has promised to eliminate worldwide threats to American security and bolster American strength.

No longer will the United States take a back seat to negotiations on the world stage, placate foreign nations, or put U.S. troops in harms way to usher in the leftist agenda of a New World Order. Trump will be very hands on and ensure that American interests win on the world stage.

In a match-up of The Art of The Deal meeting the world of international diplomacy and terrifying our enemies, Trump echoes the bold words of President John F. Kennedy’s vision:

“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty. “

He said that he has some, “very definitive” and “strong ideas” about how to deal with matters on the world stage. Trump continues to show the world and most detractors that he comes quite prepared to meet the challenges of any threat to our nation.

North Korea and China will weigh especially heavily on Trump’s mind while in the White House. Trump laid the blame for a volatile and unstable dictator in North Korea squarely where it belongs, at the feet of Communist China. Trump said that China has “total control” over North Korea and that if Beijing didn’t “solve the problem, we should make trade very difficult with China.”

Trump also took issue with China’s repeated manipulation of Chinese currency to undercut U.S. financial stability and the ability for the U.S. to trade effectively with Chinese consumers and to allow Chinese manufacturers to dump cheap Chinese products on the American markets causing U.S. factories and high-paying U.S. Jobs to fold and move to China. He stated several times during the campaign that the U.S. should use its economic power and trade with China as a bargaining chip “to negotiate.”


The United States under Trump will not allow China to dictate US policy

The United States under Trump will not allow China to dictate US policy

If China remains unwilling to open its doors fairly and freely to American goods, then our doors should be shut to their products. Trump promised to designate China as a currency manipulator and to slap Chinese imports with hefty tariffs.

International policy experts speaking anonymously for fear of reprisal from the current Administration are saying that Trump changes the dynamic of all our talks overseas and, “for a change the United States has the upper hand.”

While President-Elect Trump took much heat from liberal media outlets for his statements such as giving South Korea and Japan the bomb or reducing troop levels in the Far East, analysts applaud Trump for the stand. They agree that Trump will not allow South Korea or Japan to obtain Nuclear Weapons, but it makes a great ploy.

As long as China and its puppet, North Korea, were assured that the U.S. would not be willing to push back hard to secure a deal, they could demand the whole candy store and in many cases got it.

The threat of a nuclear Japan will shake up thinking in Beijing and serve as a powerful bargaining tool in trade negotiations and negotiations about all other negotiations involving China.

“From TPP to Climate Change, North Korea to the Middle East and beyond; just the thought of the United States supplying the Japanese with nukes will send shock waves in the Chinese leadership and serve as the winner-winner ploy for the Trump Administration.”

TPP negotiators, as well as envoys to the Paris Accords, are already noticing a shift in the tone and rhetoric of China at the table.  “They are worried,” one said, “you can read it in their expressions and words. Where once they took hard lines and demanded we meet them with concessions, they now are willing to barter certain points to ensure that America continues to participate or that we do not follow through with Trump pledges.”

To many, this signals a breath of fresh air in the ability of the State Department to structure deals that benefit the nation. They point out that in the past the United States has taken items “off the table,” making it difficult for negotiations by U.S. envoys to bear fruit.

One envoy remarked candidly, “It was like trying to stop a pyro from setting the house on fire while telling him that you wouldn’t use a fire hose and that he could keep his matches.” That has changed, “Now we have not only a big fire hose but matches of our own to go burn his house down if he doesn’t behave.”

Kim Jong Un looks on worried as US/SK troops prepare to meet his tyranny head on

Kim Jong Un looks on worried as US/SK troops prepare to meet his tyranny head on

“Theodore Roosevelt was one of most successful diplomatic Presidents, his speak softly and carry a big stick approach is the kind of approach we are seeing in Trump. That diplomacy allowed the U.S. to flex its might and become the world power it is today. Perhaps in the 21st Century, it should be called the Trump Big Stick,” another analyst added.

The world has grown custom to American diplomacy being run from the Liberal strongholds of Harvard and Yale. Now, the world will learn the art of hard hitting, high pressure, winner takes all deal making. Our enemies have grown used to a U.S that reacts to world events and slaps peoples hands instead of dealing knockout blows to adversaries–Trump will make them fear the true might and power of a U.S. willing and able to flex is muscle.

Making “America Great Again” requires a bold message to our enemies. We will restore American strength again!