Caravan Crumbles

PUBLISHED: 6:44 PM 5 Apr 2018

Trump Scores Big Win, Caravan Of Illegal Immigrants Will Not Enter U.S

They have stated they will “end their work in Mexico.”

President Donald Trump threatened to ax the NAFTA treaty and to deploy the National Guard to the border if the 'migrant' caravan came to the American border. Due to these threats, the caravan will end in Mexico City.

For days, the leading story on immigration in American media has been about a caravan in Mexico. The caravan of ‘migrants,’ mostly from Honduras, said that they were going to come to America’s southern border.

However, after a response from President Donald Trump that threatened to ‘renegotiate’ NAFTA and with the impending deployment of various National Guard units, the caravan has decided that they will end their ‘migration’ in Mexico City, rather than in the United States.

The caravan, with more than 1,000 members, will stop at Mexico City and stay there, according to Irineo Mujica, head of well-known ‘migrant’ advocacy group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which translates into ‘People Without Borders.’

The caravan has camped out in the southern town of Matias Romero, located in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca since President Trump first threatened to take action against Mexico and the caravan if they attempted to cross the border.

According to People Without Borders, the group which runs the annual caravan, the idea of the caravan is not to reach the United States, but rather to highlight what ‘migrants’ go through in order to reach the country.

Further, Mujica stated that the caravan usually traveled to the United States border by ‘train hopping,’ illegally jumping on trains without paying and sometimes even riding in cars meant for the transport of freight, not people.

However, according to Mujica, it would’ve been dangerous for the caravan to travel that way this year.

He said that the caravan carried many children this year, more than 450 and that such a method of travel would pose a greater danger for the ‘migrants.’

In his own words, Mujica said that “there are lots of babies. Hopping the train, as we did in the past, would have been crazy.”

Instead, he said that the caravan would travel as a group to the city of Puebla in Central Mexico for a ‘conference,’ then they would head to Mexico City for a series of ‘demonstrations.’

According to Mujica, that’s where the caravan would end its journey.

However, he stated that his organization, People Without Borders, would have ‘support teams’ at the border if anyone needed assistance there, but warned that the travel from Mexico City to the border, and beyond, would require that they travel on their own.

Despite the flowery rhetoric espoused by people like Mujica, the intent of the caravan (and of his group) couldn’t be clearer.

The caravan meant to make illegal entry into the United States of America with more than 1,000 people, of which almost half are children and babies.

According to organizers of the caravan, they are working with the Mexican government to get paperwork to allow the members to stay in Mexico.

The group of South Americans, which includes members from Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador, claim they’re fleeing gang violence which has turned their nations into some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Mujica praised Mexico’s government for its willingness to allow the caravan to pass through the country, as well as their willingness to allow members to stay.

He also condemned President Donald Trump, saying that he wants to crush the migrants, or else to erase their existence.

However, there is nothing wrong with enforcing the borders of the United States and not allowing more than 1,000 people to cross its border. It even sounds like that’s what the caravan intends to do still, just on a smaller scale, rather than in a mass.

Further, Mexico should be penalized for their willingness to allow ‘migrants’ to cross its borders freely, so long as those migrants are going to cross the American border eventually.

Mexico has long allowed such migration through its borders, and even printed and distributed pamphlets in Spanish and Portuguese (the two primary languages of South America) to assist in illegally crossing the United States border.

In other words, the Mexican government is happy to assist individuals from around South America in subverting the border security of the United States of America.

Mexico even built an entire industry around helping people illegally cross the border, including smugglers and markets that sell equipment to better enable the border crossing.

Though it appears that threats to ax the NAFTA treaty terms caused the caravan to abandon their plans, perhaps it would be best to penalize Mexico for its continued complicity in illegal immigration into the United States.

They certainly wouldn’t take kindly to the United States allowing illegal immigration into their country, after all.