Trump Savages CNN

PUBLISHED: 7:52 PM 2 Apr 2018

Trump Savages CNN’s Jim Acosta After Shouting Question About DACA

Trump blasted Democrats for refusing to strike a deal on DACA.

Trump savages Acosta for shouting DACA questions.

President Donald Trump savaged CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta after repeatedly shouting questions about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, according to Daily Caller.

During the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, the president was trying to enjoy time coloring with the children at the event, but Acosta had other ideas.

During one point of the event, Trump joined first lady Melanie Trump and their youngest son, Barron Trump, to color with children.

But the president was rudely berated by Acosta who refused to stop shouting questions about DACA.

“What about the DACA kids?!” Acosta screamed at Trump. “Should they worry about what’s going to happen to them?”

After Acosta continued to shout, Trump responded by completely savaging the whiny CNN reporter.

“The democrats have really let them down,” Trump said.

Watch the exchange below:

Acosta continued to scream,“Didn’t you kill DACA!? Didn’t you kill DACA!?” but Trump decided to spend time with the children and didn’t give CNN any more time.

His questions were in response to a series of explosive tweets from Trump over the weekend, where the president torched Democrats for inaction on DACA and securing the border.

“NO MORE DACA DEAL!” Trump wrote Sunday, blasting democrats for not caring DACA or protecting the country.

In another tweet, Trump also threatened to exit the North American Free Trade Agreement if Mexico doesn’t begin doing more to stop drugs from pouring into the country.

Trump has offered democrats several chances to strike a deal on the Obama-era DACA program, which has shielded at least 800,000 illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. with their parents.

Democrats are nowhere to be found and apparently aren’t interested in striking a deal.

More importantly, Acosta was more determined to ruin Trump’s day than ask democrats why they won’t negotiate a deal.

All Trump wanted to do was enjoy a nice event with children at the White House, but Acosta couldn’t go one day without being a jerk to the president.