Trump Resort Shooter

PUBLISHED: 3:49 PM 18 May 2018

Trump Resort Shooter South-African Liberal

He removed a flag from the back of the property then proceeded to shoot up the property until multiple officers shot him.

Police from Doral and Miami-Dade, Florida, stopped a shooter who went to a Trump resort in Florida and randomly fired shots into the ceiling.

President Donald J. Trump owns a number of properties around the globe, including a golf course, the ‘Trump National Doral,’ in Doral, Florida. Usually, it’s a place for people to enjoy eighteen holes in peace, tranquility, and lush grass. It’s a resort with haute cuisine, great pools, and lovely accommodations.

Early on Friday morning, however, it became the site of a strange incident involving a man with an American flag, his opinions on President Donald Trump, and random gunshots. The shooter, who was ID’d as a leftist from South Africa, went on a strange anti-Trump rant during his rampage. However, what motivated him, and why, is still under investigation?

According to Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez during a press briefing shortly before nine in the morning, the shooter was Jonathan Oddi, a 42-year-old local man.

Oddi came onto the resort property early in the morning and took an American flag from the flagpole at the rear of the resort. He then brought it to the hotel lobby, draped it over the counter, and began to yell anti-Trump political rhetoric at resort staff.

According to the director, Oddi then began to fire shots, though it is unclear if he was intending to shoot anyone. He shot at the chandeliers and the ceiling, according to one account.

The shooting occurred at around 1:30 a.m., and local police officers responded quickly. They exchanged fire with the shooter, and hit him in the legs multiple times.

After the police managed to put an end to the shooting, the injured shooter was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center.

His condition was not immediately assessed by the time the police held their press conference. Subsequent reports suggest that he is in stable condition in the hospital.

One police officer was injured during the exchange with the deranged Oddi, though he was (thankfully) not shot. Instead, he suffered a broken wrist, and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

So who is Jonathan Oddi?

According to his social media accounts, Oddi is a fitness instructor, as well as a real estate investor. He’s also a manager at Pegasus, a business which deals in mined minerals and gemstones.

He lived a few miles away from the Trump resort at an apartment complex, allegedly at 8100 NW 53rd Street.

At this time, he is believed to be from South Africa. He divorced in 2014, but he’s had no other interaction with the American legal system, and he has no criminal background.

The resort’s records suggest that he was not a guest at the hotel when he went on his rampage.

According to the United States Secret Service, there were no protectees in the region at the time, so President Trump and his family were not at risk at any time during the shooting.

Investigators from the federal government were already on-site at the time of the conference.

The process of combing through Oddi’s social media accounts has begun, but investigators claim they couldn’t find anything that might indicate his political leanings one way or another. Generally, this is their way of saying a criminal or terrorist was liberal.

Shortly after the shooting, Eric Trump tweeted his thanks to the Doral Police Department and the Miami-Dade Police, commenting on how grateful he was for the work they did to keep the community safe.

However, the fact that he was on an anti-Trump rant when he walked into the lobby and began firing at the ceiling does seem to suggest that he was leftist in his politics.

Whatever his political leanings are, and however liberal he may be in his ideology, the fact is that President Donald Trump continues to be a target for unstable leftists.

In fact, since taking office, he has been threatened constantly on social media by leftists, who seem to think that openly threatening or advocating violence against the President of the United States of America is appropriate. There have also been numerous attempts on his life, including one prior to his election to the presidency.

In July 2016, a British citizen, Michael Stevens Sandford, was arrested in Las Vegas for attempting to take a police officer’s handgun. He admitted that he hoped to use it to shoot then-candidate Donald Trump, but he didn’t realize how hard it would be to get the weapon out of its holster.

It’s time that the liberal left in the United States acknowledges that, whether they like it or not, Donald Trump is their president for the next two-and-a-half years. Violently protesting without any cause and shooting up hotels is not a mature way to handle losing an election.