Barr Letter Released

PUBLISHED: 3:29 PM 13 Jul 2021

Trump Releases Letter: Barr Ordered PA Attorney Not To Investigated Massive Election Fraud

Attorney General Bill Barr was not concerned with justice, he was concerned with protecting the deep state masters he serves.

Traitor. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

William Barr wasn’t concerned with justice, and the fact that the SSCI approved his nomination should have been a clue to Americans. He was solely bent on protecting the interests of his deep state masters.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Yesterday we were uncertain if it was US Attorney William M McSwain who notified President Trump of Bill Barr’s corruption and blocking of election investigations. Today President Trump released the letter confirming it was McSwain.  [pdf HERE]

In previous comments attributed to AG Bill Barr,  he claimed to have seen no evidence of election fraud.  The Atlantic Article cites Bill Barr stating to an AP journalist December 1st 2020: ” To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election,” and then the article covers the fallout with the White House from that AP interview.

There’s a big difference between not seeing election fraud and purposefully blocking a United States Attorney from investigating allegations of fraud with a motive not to see it.  This is blood-boiling:

The Gateway Pundit reported:

President Trump mentioned yesterday at the CPAC event in Texas that the US Attorney in Pennsylvania sent the President a letter recently where he claimed former AG Bill Barr told him not to investigate the crimes and corruption that occurred in the 2020 Election in that state.  Tonight the President released the letter.

Yesterday President Trump told the CPAC crowd in Texas that recently a former US Attorney in Pennsylvania sent the President a letter stating that he was told by AG Barr not to investigate election crimes in Pennsylvania.

President Trump tonight released the letter he received from the former US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, William McSwain.

Former Attorney General Barr and those who aided and abetted the election steal of 2020 should in the least, be put in jail.  They stole our election (especially in Pennsylvania).