PUBLISHED: 6:11 PM 31 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 6:17 PM 31 Jan 2017

Trump Receives Unbelievable Call From Middle East…One Man Now Wants To Work With Him

The Kingdom of Jordan is ready to fight

The Kingdom of Jordan is ready to fight

The Kingdom of Jordan is ready to fight

Holy prayer rugs, Batman! Do my eyes deceive me or has the left just lost its mind with the ban on people entering the country from nations identified as harboring terrorists? Let’s set one thing straight: it is not a Muslim prohibition. There would be no way for ICE to know who was a Christian, Jew, Muslim or Atheist from one of these nations, so bury that lie with Hillary’s emails.

Just when the snowflakes were starting to melt slowly, out comes the blowtorch on a summer day. Arab leaders are calling for severe action by the United States against ISIS. Better than that, they are also offering to help send ISIS to meet their 72 virgins.

Jordan’s King Abdullah is in Washington this week to meet with high-ranking members of the new administration, including a meeting with President Trump scheduled for Thursday. Abdullah met with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Vice President Mike Pence Monday and is the first Arab leader to meet with the Trump administration. The Jordanian king is reportedly encouraging Trump to take a tough line against terrorism, especially the Islamic State.

Jordan is ready to fight under her King!

Jordan is ready to fight for her King!

“The King will seek a stepped-up campaign against the extremists and secure extra resources to help ensure the militants would not be allowed to move towards our borders.”

“Abdullah, a former special operations commander, shares Trump’s views about the priority of fighting the hard line group, repeatedly warning of its threat to a kingdom that borders Israel to the west, Syria to the north and Iraq to its east,” Reuters notes. Reuters cites two officials who said Abdullah was “heartened by a new Republican administration whose emphasis on traditional security would be a refreshing change from the former Obama administration’s concern over the pace of political reforms, which was seen in Jordan as interference.”

The strategic importance of Jordan is undeniable, but there are a few good reasons for the somewhat strained relationship between its monarchy and the Obama administration. The “pace of political reforms” alluded to by Reuters slowed considerably after the rise of ISIS turned Jordanian attention to threats from beyond its borders and insulated the country from international criticism to a great extent.

The political situation in Jordan is rather complicated, as The Washington Post explained in a March 2016 review. The “reform process” cannot be summarized as “get rid of the monarchy because it’s obsolete.” On the contrary, Jordan’s elected government usually comes in for tougher domestic criticism than the king. Some groups think the economy grew too liberalized under previous reforms and wanted the government to become more powerful. And, of course, there are Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood waiting in the wings.

Another potentially delicate subject is Jordan’s relationship with Russia, including what is widely described as a close friendship between King Abdullah and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Radio Free Europe notes that Abdullah just visited Moscow last week, where he told reporters he and Putin share “the same vision of bringing stability to our region.”

“Without Russia, we will not be able to find solutions to not only the Syrian problem but other regional problems in the Middle East.”

The Times of Israel devoted almost the entirety of its article about Abdullah’s visit to Trump’s executive order and responses from people who have nothing to do with Jordan. The article sets up a dramatic juxtaposition of the king’s visit with the weekend hysteria over Trump’s order in the headline — “Jordan King to Visit U.S., 3 Days After Trump’s Refugee Ban.” Then says absolutely nothing about Abdullah, his visit, or the reaction of anyone in Jordan to the executive order.

It is reasonable to speculate that the topic covered during Abdullah’s visit to Washington since, as NBC News points out, many Syrian refugees obtain their U.S. visas in Amman, the capital of Jordan. However, the only significant policy dispute between Jordan and the Trump administration to date has been a warning that moving the U.S. Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would cross a “red line” for Jordan, with potentially “catastrophic” consequences.

The interesting thing is that should you look at the mainstream media and the Democratic narrative, you will see wall to wall coverage painting Trump and his administration as one step above concentration camps and genocide against Muslims in America. However, here we see an Arab country demanding that President Trump take a more aggressive role. Why not more coverage of this? Naturally, it shows the propaganda as the “fake news” that it prints.

King Abdullah is ready to help the US eradicate ISIS

King Abdullah is ready to help the US eradicate ISIS

They cannot question the knowledge or tenacity of King Abdullah. This man is a strong leader and wants to do everything in his power to eliminate terrorists! Abdullah was admitted to Pembroke College in 1982, where he completed a one-year Special Studies course in Middle Eastern Affairs.

Upon returning home, Abdullah joined the Royal Jordanian Army, serving as an officer in the 40th Armored Brigade, and undergoing a parachuting and free-fall course. In 1985, Abdullah attended the Armored Officer’s Advanced Course at Fort Knox, and in 1986, he became commander of a tank company in the 91st Armored Brigade, holding the rank of Captain. He also served with the Royal Jordanian Air Force in its Anti-Tank Wing, where he was trained to fly Cobra attack helicopters.

In 1994, Abdullah assumed command of Jordan’s Special Forces and other elite units as Brigader General, where he reorganized them into the Joint Special Operations Command. Abdullah became a Major General in May 1998 and attended a course in defense resources management at the American Naval Postgraduate School in the same year. This man is the Arab equivalent of Rambo and Sean Connery. If that was not enough, he even had a walk-on role in Star Trek Voyager. Most notably, he was thoroughly unimpressed with the 44th President of the United States (the man we shall not name).

Perhaps that strong leadership explains the disdain and dismissal by the Liberal elite on the left. This is a leader that apparently wants to protect his kingdom, and he realizes like Trump that you do not exterminate Roaches by negotiating with them.

You merely eradicate them.