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PUBLISHED: 5:06 PM 14 Jan 2020

Trump Rally At College Championship Game? Crowd Delivers Thunderous Praise

The enthusiastic crowd delivered a giant welcome, reminding many people of a rally.

This is America! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were greeted with a surging crowd and thunderous applause at the College Football Championship game in Louisiana last night.

When the first couple walked out onto the field just before kick-off, the welcome reminded many people of one of the president’s sold-out rallies.

Louisiana State University (LSU) defeated the Clemson Tigers in last night’s game, but the welcome received by the president more than made up for his World Series reception.

In fact, the crowd broke out into a spontaneous chant of “U.S.A!” as President Trump entered the arena. At one point, a smaller chant of “Four More Years!” can be heard.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Trump and the first lady have had some unflattering entrances to big games in the past, including being booed during a World Series game at the Washington Nationals’ stadium last fall.

Several players on the team made up for the poor welcome the president during their visit to the White House after the series, including catcher Kurt Suzuki, who put on a MAGA hat for the visit.

The president has had better luck receiving a friendly welcome at college football games. Trump received a similarly boisterous round of applause at last year’s Army-Navy football game.

Apparently, people understand the impact the president is having on their livelihoods.

Watch the reception below: