Trump Slams Degenerate Fool

PUBLISHED: 4:48 PM 30 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 4:49 PM 30 Aug 2018

Trump Rails Against ‘Degenerate Fool’ And ‘Sloppy’ Carl Bernstein For Fake CNN Story

"Sloppy Carl Bernstein, a man who lives in the past and thinks like a degenerate fool, making up story after story, is being laughed at all over the country."

Trump unloads on CNN reporter for bogus Trump Tower story.

President Donald Trump railed against CNN’s Carl Bernstein on Wednesday, calling him a “degenerate fool” and “sloppy” after a report he helped curate for the left-leaning network has come under serious fire for being completely false. As noted by Breitbart, Trump ripped CNN’s July 26 story, which was co-written by Bernstein and former Obama administration official Jim Sciutto.

The anonymous source who provided information for the story has since admitted he lied, and that the claims he made were untrue. CNN has responded by claiming they “don’t lie,” yet they have a long history of being getting busted for fake news reporting.

Perhaps they just conveniently about forgot Project Veritas’ undercover video about the dossier; or the network being busted for staging a Muslim ‘demonstration’ in England; or when they claimed former Attorney General Loretta Lynch recused herself in the Clinton email probe; or when CNN anchor Brian Stelter claimed first Lady Melania Trump was “missing” when she was recovering from kidney surgery; or an analyst lying about the Supreme Court.

Trump has responded to the July story in the most Trumpian way possible, by lambasting CNN and its reporters on Twitter for getting busted for running fake news.

CNN responded to Trump’s viral tweet on Wednesday, claiming the network does not lie and stands by its story despite its main source literally admitting he was mistaken.

CNN also implied in the tweet that there are many “fools” listed in the story, and that Bernstein was not one of them. CNN was, as many would agree, calling Trump a fool.

Trump blasted Bernstein, a famed liberal journalist who rose to prominence for his reporting on the Watergate scandal, for claiming on CNN that he stands by the story.

As previously reported by Conservative Daily Post, Lanny Davis, the lawyer who represents Michael Cohen, admitted earlier this week that he was the anonymous source for CNN’s July story.

At the time, Davis told CNN that Cohen witnessed Donald Trump Jr., the president’s oldest son, tell Trump in person about the meeting at Trump Tower in June 2016 before it took place.

The meeting was allegedly supposed to be about a Russian lawyer giving the Trump campaign “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, but it ended after less than 20 minutes, Trump Jr. claims, when the lawyer began asking about adoption policies.

On Tuesday, Davis admitted that he lied about his comments to CNN, and that Cohen doesn’t have proof that Trump was given advanced knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting.

Following Davis’ admission, many across social media tore into CNN, Bernstein, and Sciutto for standing by their story after the source of the report literally admitted he lied about his claims.

How can CNN stand by a story when the source reveals he lied about the information he provided?

CNN claims to hate being called “fake news,” yet all they seem to do is report it.