PUBLISHED: 12:40 AM 23 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 5:49 AM 23 Jan 2018

Trump Power Move Leaves E.U. Looking For Ways To Appease U.S., Leftists Furious

European leaders are scrambling to preserve the Iranian Nuclear Deal after President Trump declared it needed to change.

European leaders are scrambling to preserve the Iranian Nuclear Deal after President Trump declared it needed to change.

Speaking on Monday to Israel’s Knesset, Vice President Mike Pence reasserted the president’s declaration to withdraw from the Iran deal. Shortly after a lively tussle broke out on the legislative floor, the vice president made it clear the United States expects the Iran Deal to be totally renegotiated. The power move employed by President Trump leaves the European Union looking for ways to appease the United States. The possible destruction of Obama’s failing legacy has leftist furious.

The deal with Iran is set to expire in the spring and the president vowed not to sign it again unless better terms are added. The deal is set at lifting sanctions on the regime for assurances they will not create a nuclear weapon. The multinational agreement has left governments all over the world scrambling for solutions to better improve global security.

According to the vice president, the region is on the precipice of renewed peace. European leaders are working hard to make sure that dream comes true. At an upcoming economic meeting in Davos, many European leaders are expected to discuss the Iran Deal.

Vice President Pence gave a speech to the Israeli Knesset. Before declaring the need for a new Iran nuclear deal, demonstrators ran toward him shouting and waving signs.

President Trump gave the world an ultimatum when he said fix it or end it. Without the United States involved, the deal with the middle eastern nation falls apart. Nations like France, Britain, Germany, the European Union, China, and Russia are included and part of the deal.

Officials of many nations have begun discussing how to limit the ballistic missile testing Iran continues to carry out. Tehran also continues to be the largest state sponsor of terror, according to the United Nations. U.S. and European officials have until mid-May to create new solutions to these age-old problems.

European leaders met in Brussels to try and allay the concerns of President Trump. President of France Emmanuel Macron met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and British Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss such issues. The three are prepared to present Washington with a package that does not alter the current deal but may appease the president.

One of the key issues raised by the president that must be addressed is the continued ballistic missile program being carried out by Iran. While the Iran deal, negotiated by Obama, asks the regime not to produce nuclear weapons, it has no limit on conventional armaments.

The president would also like to have United Nation’s nuclear inspectors visit Iranian facilities. In the past, Iran has denied outside inspectors into military facilities. To ensure energy ambitions do not become weaponized, Washington asserts a professional independent team should check facilities occasionally.

Labeled as the largest state sponsor of terror and violator of countless human rights, the Iranian regime has helped fund atrocities all around the globe. Iran funds the military force of Hezbollah and has contributed greatly to the anti-government Houthis in the Yemeni civil war. Their involvement in Syria helped to stabilize the region in favor of pro-government forces.

As their influence in the region begins to grow stronger, the president is worried about Iran simply delaying nuclear ambitions until Obama’s deal expires. President Trump wants to do away with the sunset provisions that outline an expiration date for the agreement. President Trump wants to see peace in the middle east last longer than 2025 when the Iran deal ends.

European Union ministers are being briefed on the fast-approaching deadlines of the Iran deal on Monday. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is set to meet with European counterparts later in the week. While Paris, London, and Berlin are on board with Washington, the European Union is hesitant to impose new sanctions on Iran because of their missile testing.

Iran claims the missiles are to be created solely for defensive purposes. Iran refuses to talk about the issue, going so far as to reject a call from French leadership after mentioning the issue of ballistic missile production.

Being able to curtail the oppressive Iranian regime has been a remarkable precedent set by President Trump. Before announcing he would not sign the Iran deal again in May, the president announced multiple sanctions to be placed on Iran and to include over a dozen people. The head of the Judiciary in Iran was hit with sanctions.

The human rights violations and imprisonment of protestors have forced the United States to take action against the regime. Facing a new revolution, the government began cracking down and arresting demonstrators. After the sanctions, over 400 people were released from prison. Committed to seeing peace in the middle east, President Trump is determined to see the region change for the better.