Trump Pardons

PUBLISHED: 6:09 PM 10 Jul 2018

Trump Pardons Oregon Ranchers Forced Back Into Prison Under Obama

“The evidence at trial regarding the Hammonds’ responsibility for the fire was conflicting, and the jury acquitted them on most of the charges."

Obama administration officials tied to indicted Russian spy.

President Donald Trump issued full pardons on Tuesday to the two Oregon ranchers who faced malicious prosecution and were sent back into prison in 2016 under former President Barack Obama, according to The Daily Caller. Trump called the case a “travesty,” and took action to right an egregious wrong.

The two ranchers were forced back to serve the remainder of their mandatory minimum sentence required under a 1996 anti-terrorism law. These two men had excessive, overbearing charges brought against them for an accidental wildfire that seeped over to neighboring federal land. The ranchers pleaded with Obama to help them in 2016, but the former president refused. Obama’s atrocities are endless. His DOJ ignored a judge’s ruling to ensure they went back to prison.

In a statement from the White House, the president said a jury had already acquitted Dwight Hammond and Steve Hammond of a majority of the charges levied against them, and that they had served their time.

“The Hammonds are multi-generation cattle ranchers in Oregon imprisoned in connection with a fire that leaked onto a small portion of neighboring public grazing land,” the White House said in a statement. “The evidence at trial regarding the Hammonds’ responsibility for the fire was conflicting, and the jury acquitted them on most of the charges.”

In 2012, the Hammond brothers were convicted for committing arson on federal land under an anti-terrorism law. They were both sentenced to serve five years in prison.

The brothers admitted to starting the fire on their own land — which they have the legal right to do — but said they did not intend for the fire to spread over to the federal land. The fires occurred in 2001 and 2006.

The judge who issued the original ruling said the mandatory minimum sentence was too harsh, which resulted in the brothers serving a short prison sentence.

In 2015, federal prosecutors appealed the case and the federal court overturned the 2012 judgement that settled their prison time. The brothers were forced back into prison in 2016 to serve out the remainder of their sentence, which is just over three years.

When the brothers were thrown back in prison, it sparked national outrage and an armed standoff on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Brothers Ammon Bundy and Ryan Bundy, close friends of the Hammonds, and many others were locked in an armed impasse with law enforcement for months.

The standoff ended and the Hammons remain in prison, something that apparently has not sat well with Trump. This case offered a scathing example of malicious prosecution that targeted ant conservatives under Obama’s reign.

They served time in 2012 for their crime, and many believe it should have been settled and left alone. But federal prosecutors — while Obama was still in office — reopened the case and made sure the ranchers were sent back to prison.

The president pardoning the brothers is just one of many examples where Trump has used his executive powers to give people a second chance in life and undo the wrongs committed under Obama.

He has pardoned conservative author Dinesh D’Souza and former Bush administration official Scooter Libby. Trump has also commuted sentences for two other individuals.

The president has made it clear that he will use his power to help those who were maliciously attacked while Obama was in office.