Gold Rush Revival Set To Begin

PUBLISHED: 10:54 PM 31 Jan 2018

Trump Opens Federal Land, Prospectors Prepare For Modern Gold Rush

Starting February 2, America could see a second gold rush.

You can strike a heavy-metal mother-lode on your very own 20-acre claim.

There’s gold in them thar hills. Silver, copper, and uranium too. If you have a hankering to dig up some “hard money,” huge sections of Utah that were roped off from the public by Clinton and Obama could be your bonanza.

Thanks to President Trump’s reversal, you too can strike a heavy-metal mother-lode on your very own 20-acre claim. One low fee of $212 to file the paperwork with the Bureau of Land Management and you are free to dig as much as you like. There is an annual maintenance fee of $150 to keep the claim you literally “stake.”

The “resources free-for-all,” authorized under the General Mining Law of 1872, kicks off on groundhog day, February 2nd at 6:00 a.m. when President Trump’s proclamation goes into effect. The process allows “private citizens and companies” to mark a claim much the same as in the 1849 Gold Rush.

“A prospector hammers four poles into the ground corresponding to the four points of a parcel that can be as big as 20 acres.” You then attach “a written description of the claim” onto one of the stakes. After that, you have 30 days to officially record the claim at the local office of the BLM.

The President’s decision effectively turned 80 percent of the Bears Ears monument, which is more than 1.3-million-acres, into modern day goldfields. The 1.9-million-acre Grand Staircase-Escalante monument was similarly reduced by half.

Utah’s BLM is “working on getting information and new monument maps ready for people interested in claims,” confirms spokesman Michael Richardson. The bureau is in charge of administering the last law still in effect from the “Manifest Destiny” era of the wild-west frontier.

You don’t have to worry about any pesky environmental regulations. “There are no environmental guidelines specific to hard rock mining and no requirement to pay a royalty,” Richardson explains.

You don’t actually own the land, but you do get all the mineral rights. Under the law, you are allowed to mine “uranium, gold, silver, copper and other precious metals” but not coal or petroleum.

There is gold to be found. Utah is among the top gold producing states but rather than veins or nuggets, the flakes are extremely fine and require great care to recover. Because of this, the area’s gold production is generally, “a byproduct of silver, lead, copper, and zinc mining.”

There is one plentiful pay-dirt though, uranium.

Conservation groups like the Southeastern Utah Wilderness Alliance are already freaking out over the potential for “environmental harm” caused by stirring up tons of radioactive dust and debris but they don’t have much to worry about for now. “It’s unclear whether the rare opportunity to stake mining claims will draw much interest.”

The uranium coming from the Bears Ears region is assaying out at a measly $25 a pound. That is a drastic drop from the $130 the yellow ore was worth a decade ago.

The Kimmerle family “owns more than 100 uranium mining claims in Utah,” according to Kyle Kimmerle. They won’t be “rushing” to add to their holdings. “The current price of uranium is not likely to warrant any new claiming. It would take $60-$70 for me.”

Economists blame the low price on “weak domestic demand from nuclear reactors” but the Clinton’s and Russia are also to blame. “imports of uranium from state-owned enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan account for 40 percent of U.S. demand.”

Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) wants to see “a Commerce Department investigation into why so much of the uranium that America uses is imported from Russia.” The Clinton “Mob” is up to their eyeballs in all of it.

One of Bill Clinton’s buddies, Frank Giustra, funneled millions into the Clinton foundation to get Hillary’s help pressuring the Kazakh government into giving him the mining rights for 5 trillion dollars worth of the country’s uranium. That’s just for starters.

For almost a year, evidence has leaked out of Congressional hearings looking into the Uranium One sale.

Rosatom, the Russian state-owned atomic energy company was only allowed to buy the Canadian company because “Hillary Clinton used her State Department influence, as well as what appears to be even shadier influence over the FBI and Justice Departments, to hide crimes from the committee tasked with approving the sale.”

Two American companies that mine uranium, Energy Fuels, and Ur-Energy, recently filed a petition with the Commerce Committee asking Secretary Ross “to investigate the effects of uranium imports on national security.”

They also would love to see the President “use his authority to adjust imports to ensure the long-term viability of the U.S. uranium mining industry.”

Right now, “not even 5 percent is dug up in America.” If the investigation leads to increasing U.S. production, the value of the Utah claims will go through the roof.

If you find yourself coming down with gold fever, you better skedaddle. Congressman John Curtis (R-Utah) already got the ball rolling on “legislation to withdraw all of Bears Ears region from future mining claims.”

If you get out to the high desert lickety-split, “any claim submitted under the General Mining law before the legislation passes would be honored.”