Belt Buckle Outrage

PUBLISHED: 7:13 PM 12 Jun 2018

Trump Jr. Carries Legendary Holster, Liberal Fury Ensues

Critics were appalled that he was exercising his rights legally.

Trump Jr. received typical liberal backlash over a belt buckle gun holster that he was wearing legally.

Liberals simply hate when conservatives express their support for the second amendment, let alone a passion for firearms. God forbid when a law-abiding citizen open carries a gun responsibly. One can expect liberals to come running with gun control advocacy and obnoxious advice, and often the more impressive the conservative subject is, the more triggered snowflakes become.

The very situation happened to President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., when he wore what he considered to be the ‘coolest belt ever,’ as it is also a holster for a .22 revolver. After posting the picture on social media, outrage erupted.

The president’s son was enjoying the outdoors in the Catskill, New York over the weekend. While in a beautifully remote forest area on his private land, he posed for a picture with the Freedom Arms brand belt buckle.

He then posted it to Instagram on Sunday with the caption, “Had fun getting a bit dirty today…also I got to bust out the coolest belt ever.”

The gun and buckle are now collector items, as Freedom Arms no longer manufactures them. However, the impressive accessory is still available from other retailers.

It admittedly matched perfectly with his “dirty work canvas pants, hiking boots, and a KUIU hunting tee.”

Yet, most importantly, the belt buckle allowed Trump Jr. to conveniently carry for protection as he was legally permitted.

“Taking open carry to a whole new level!” he also said in the social media caption.

Not long after posting the picture, gun-hating liberals initiated their hatred for constitutional rights, led by “a women’s magazine, Bustle.”

Bustle contacted former ATF agent David Chipman who now works for Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence.

On cue, Chipman claimed to know about patriotism when he said that it “is much more than just exercising your right to do something; it’s considering your impact on everyone you live around.”

That may just be the most idiotic display of liberal logic regarding firearms if he truly believes that responsibly carrying negatively affects those around Donald Trump Jr. or any other of the millions of Americans who do.

Not to mention, the second amendment insult is anything but patriotic.

Chipman also added that “Carrying a gun openly is a big deal, especially if it’s causing concern to other people.”

That can be considered part two of the lunacy as it once again shows that liberals would rather the law-abiding section of the population be unarmed simply because it makes a few uncomfortable.

However, it can only be expected from gun-grabbing democrats. Chipman has specifically targeted Trump Jr. in the past, recently in a debate over suppressors.

Trump Jr. advocated amending the National Firearms Act to “partially deregulate” suppressors under the Hearing Protection Act. In response, “Chipman was invited by House democrats” to advocate against the act, yet another example of the liberal priority for comfort over safety.

While Bustle called upon Chipman to make a statement, it also voiced its opinion on its own platform where it condemned Trump Jr. for supporting the second amendment and repeatedly questioned the legality of carrying in the photo.

The feminist publication continued to inform apparently clueless New Yorkers that it is illegal to carry a gun in public in the state without a concealed carry permit, proving that is a blessing that liberals who do not know basic gun laws choose not to carry.

It then stated the utmost obvious, saying, “this state law could potentially pose a problem” for someone who wanted to wear the accessory in the city and that perhaps Trump Jr. was wearing it on his private 171-acre property because he can there legally. Obviously.

Bustle had already sufficiently embarrassed itself when it concluded with Chipman’s most ridiculous statement to date: “I wish we lived in a world where people could balance the right to keep yourself safe as long as you’re trained and abiding by the law.”

That sounds suspiciously like the gun carrying community, yet he adds that he, Bustle, and other democrats should “have respect for fellow Americans who might see things differently.”

Yet Trump Jr. is dealing with a situation due to liberal intolerance, and he is not alone among other expressive second amendment supporters.

Just in April, Tennessee college graduate Brenna Spencer was attacked online for posting grad photos of her carrying a pistol in her waistband.

Days later, a father was at the local park with his daughter in Texas while wearing a second amendment supporting shirt and open carrying.

In both instances, sensitive liberals tried to have them arrested but they were perfectly legal.

Most recently, last month, in Ohio, another college graduate, Kaitlin Bennett posted similar photos, hers in support of campus carrying. The current policy at her former college, Kent State University, allows visitors to be armed on campus but not students.

For this, Bennett received death threats and then had her Twitter account temporarily suspended.

All of these instances are horrifying examples of the liberal hatred for self-defense. While they are sure to continue criticizing law-abiding gun owners, those within their legal right need not worry.