PUBLISHED: 11:55 PM 3 Aug 2016

Trump Isn’t Playing Games, Shuts Down The Corruption In The Republican Party


An article has appeared on FOX News today that suggests Donald Trump means serious business with his run for President. Apparently, he will not be supporting major Republican Party officials, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain from Arizona.

Trump has also “harshly criticized” New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Mr. Trump was interviewed by the Washington Post recently and said “he was just not there yet” a comment Trump made when asked if was going to endorse Paul Ryan next week in next week’s primary when Ryan will be facing off against Paul Nehlen.

Trump’s statement sounds remarkably similar to the words Ryan said about Trump in the months before he endorsed him. On May 6, Paul Ryan told CNN regarding his support for Mr. Trump, “I’m not there right now.”

Earlier this week on Monday night, Donald Trump posted a tweet “thanking Nehlen for his support”in Trump’s continuing dispute with the Khizr Khan over his remarks about the death of Khan’s son in Iraq.

According to Zach Roday, a “spokesperson for the Ryan campaign”, Nobody-not Ryan nor anyone in his team “has ever asked for Donald Trump’s endorsement. And we are confident in a victory next week regardless.”

Trump has also said that he won’t be supporting John McCain, who “will be facing two GOP opponents” in his Campaign on August 30. Trump had said that McCain wasn’t a true war veteran, a statement that McCain resents.

He said ” I’ve never been a big fan of John McCain and I just hate the way veterans have been treated by John and other people. He should have grabbed that issue(the VA wait time scandal). That’s his issue.”

Regarding Kelly Ayotte, who is currently running against the governor of New Hampshire Maggie Hassan and who “skipped the Republican National Convention”, Trump told reporters for the Washington Post “You have a Kelly Ayotte who doesn’t want to talk about Trump, but I’m beating her in the polls by a lot.”

Trump added ” I don’t know Kelly Ayotte.I know she’s given me no support — zero support,” Trump added in the interview. “We need loyal people in this country. We need fighters in this country. We don’t need weak people.”

By the way, Paul Ryan, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte all agreed before that they would support Donald Trump if he was named the GOP’s “Presidential Nominee.”

But they obviously aren’t.

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