Government Ignores Fourth Amendment

PUBLISHED: 12:23 AM 27 Feb 2018

Trump Investigation Leads To Civilian Spying Concerns

If they can investigate the President, no American citizens are safe from prying eyes.

FISA is ruining everything that made America work.

What has happened to our Fourth Amendment? When did it become acceptable to allow the government and authorities in general to trample our “right to be left alone,” as Justice Blackburn had said? As this vital right becomes all but unrecognizable in our age of driving checkpoints and urine tests, a “super secret spy court” is causing concern, according to WND News.

The court that “is far beyond the reach of any journalist or curious American citizen” and that is so secret that they answer to virtually no one, are running roughshod over the people. There are 11 judges who preside “approve wiretaps, data collection and government requests to monitor suspected terrorists, spies, and even American citizens.” In case it wasn’t guessed, it’s FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and there are questions as it relates to F.B.I. snooping and outright spying.

Eric Mill, in 2013, “a blogger and alum of the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for government transparency,” has said that as soon as someone enters the heavily fortified E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse, past “biometric hand scanners, wooden and metal doors and walls reinforced by concrete,” their cell phone is taken.

Pictures get taken of 3-D bone structures and employees actually mocked Mill for even trying to get answers. He was told that they did not even know what floor FISA was on when he arrived at the building to ask questions. U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court feels as if they have to answer to no one while spying as they wish.

After 911, the court doubled the number of times that the authorities were allowed to spy on Americans and this has created quite a backlash. Worse still, the Wall Street Journal has found that 99% of the requests that the “deep state makes” for spying get approved, often with little or no oversight nor accountability.

James Comey, former F.B.I. head was certainly not one who appeared honest as he was willing to forgive Mrs. Clinton before he ever spoke to her, according to his own memos. Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Andrew Weissman, and Sally Yates also did very little to protect our rights.

Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, Carter Page, and the whole affair with Peter Strzok and his anti-Trump bias as he was allowed to help Special Council Mueller attack the White House only highlight the injustice and haughtiness.

For this reason, the “super-secret court, which is capable of destroying American liberty and violating Americans’ Fourth Amendment protections, must be reformed,” according to Representative Scott Perry (R-PA). “If you think they won’t come after you – I mean, they are trying to take down the president of the United States, how much more do you have to see? Do you think they’re worried about your average American citizen?

He also asked, “If they will spy on the president of the United States, or a candidate for the presidency of the United States, do you think they are going to [spy on] somebody like you? They can surveil whomever they want to, do whatever they want to.”

Observe how, in our backward thinking time period, it is the G.O.P which is standing up for our rights, not the Democrats, which has historically been one of their major topics. It used to be that if a politician stood up and proclaimed that our rights were being attacked, those on either side were furious in terms of the average voter, but even that seems to be lost in 2018.

A voter may see an “R” by someone’s name and not think that the message given matters, but the truth should matter to everyone, regardless of party. Here we have someone warning all American’s that the ball that a Republican President (H.W. Bush) got rolling is about to roll right over all of us!

We are being shown that President Donald Trump and his team were spied up illegally and that if it can happen to him, it can happen to any Democrat, Green, Libertarian, or Independent that gets anywhere near the Oval Office.

We saw this, too, with the Patriot Act as the snooping ended up busting potheads and hookers, not any actual terrorists.

If all of this spying does not anger us, if what Edward Snowden and others have warned us of does not shake us, are we even really still Americans?
Sources: The Conservative Daily PostWND News – The Wall Street Journal