Phase Two Tax Cuts

PUBLISHED: 7:51 PM 13 Mar 2018

Trump Introduces Idea Of “Phase Two” For Tax Cuts

Trump unveils idea for second phase of tax cuts.

Trump announces a second phase for tax cuts.

President Donald Trump made it clear that he’s not joking about unveiling “phase two” to cut taxes even further, according to CNBC.

During an event at the White House on Monday honoring the Houston Astros for winning the World Series, Trump said he wants a second phase of cutting taxes.

While praising Rep. Kevin Brady, R-TX, for his help with the GOP tax bill, the president told him to get ready to cut taxes again for Americans.

Joined by Texas Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn at the event, Brady and others couldn’t believe Trump was already thinking about cutting taxes again.

Kevin, are we going for an additional tax cut, I understand?” Trump asked.

“Huh? He’s the king of those tax cuts, yeah? We’re going to do a phase two, I’m hearing that. You hear that, John and Ted? Phase two,” he added.

While the crowd erupted over Trump’s comments, he made it clear he wasn’t joking about introducing a second tax cutting phase.

“We’re actually very serious about that, Kevin. So, it’s good,” Trump said.

The GOP tax cuts were signed into law in late December, and it has resulted in millions of Americans receiving bonuses and pay increases for their hard work.

Reports have also suggested that at least 85 percent of Americans will keep more of their own money this year.

While Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi believe workers getting bonuses and wage increases is nothing more than “crumbs,” the American people see Trump is committed to slashing government overreach.

The GOP tax cuts have propelled the economy to all-time highs, created millions of new jobs, markets are roaring, and Trump is looking to capitalize on it.

While Democrats and Pelosi oppose the tax cuts plan, it appears Trump and Republicans are gearing up to cut taxes even further for Americans.

Watch Trump’s remarks below: