MS-13 Pain Endures

PUBLISHED: 4:52 PM 17 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 4:55 PM 17 Sep 2018

Trump Honors Mother Of MS-13 Victim Killed At Daughter’s Memorial

She was struck and killed just days within the two-year anniversary of her daughter’s death.

President Trump now has even more reason to fight illegal immigration and MS-13 after the mother of a victim was killed at a memorial site on Friday.

Arguably one of the most traitorous efforts of the left is that which advocates for illegal immigration, including gang members of MS-13. The horrendous extent to which monsters affiliated with the violent gang have inflicted suffering on innocent Americans and torn families apart is inexcusable and is why President Donald Trump is working diligently to fight for stronger immigration policies in combatting such gang violence.

During his moving State of the Union address in January, President Trump honored two families who lost their daughters to inexplicable MS-13 crimes. Devastatingly, the mother of one victim, known for her advocacy as ‘Angel Mom,’ Evelyn Rodriguez, was tragically killed on Friday just before a vigil for her 16-year-old daughter, Kayla Cuevas. While it is not being ruled as linked to MS-13, Rodriguez is still another victim to its violence considering that had her daughter not been killed by the gang, she would not have found herself in harm’s way.

The terrible ordeal occurred Friday afternoon at about 4:10 pm. in Brentwood, Long Island, New York when Rodriguez was prepping for a candlelit memorial service in honor of her daughter. At that time, an unidentified driver in a 2016 Nissan Rouge engaged her in an argument regarding the memorial service’s planned location.

Rodriguez, who had been passionately fighting against MS-13 gang violence to ensure that no other parents suffer the pain she did, stood her ground. At that time, the driver “sped up in an attempt to leave the scene, and her vehicle struck Rodriguez” who was later “pronounced dead at a hospital.”

The driver did not flee the scene and is not said to be affiliated with MS-13 in an intentional attempt to harm Rodriguez. Yet she was outlandishly, reportedly “not immediately arrested” at the scene of the accident.

Representative Peter King of New York’s 2nd District was en route to the memorial when he was contacted about the Rodriguez having “been hit” by a car.

King later expressed of her death that, “It’s a tragedy beyond belief. Everyone is in shock. What more could happen to one woman?”

Suffolk County District Attorney and police commissioner at the time of Cuevas’ death, Tim Sini, said her mother was “one of the strongest people” he had the honor of knowing.

“She was a fierce advocate for her hometown of Brentwood and was fearless in her fight to put an end to the violence caused by MS-13 to ensure that other parents never have to endure the pain she suffered,” she continued.

Indeed she was, fighting through the grief of her daughter’s death and taking her pain out through anti-gang advocacy.

Rodriguez sued the Brentwood School District for “ignoring warnings that MS-13 members were threatening Kayla.”

She once also boldly condemned the gang in saying that “The MS-13 gang is so unpredictable you just don’t know who is who with them. MS-13 is a new breed of murderers; they are children: kids killing kids, and as they continue to grow, so does their techniques of recruiting kids into their wicked actions.”

President Trump addressed Kayla Cuevas’ parents, Evelyn Rodriguez and Freddy Cuevas during the SOTU address in January and then again in May at a Long Island roundtable event where they “discussed a ruthless gang that has violated our borders and transformed our once peaceful neighborhoods into blood-stained fields,” pertaining to illegal immigration.

Yet the president recently expressed another statement on behalf of the grieving family in extending that “My thoughts and prayers are with Evelyn Rodriguez this evening, along with her family and friends.”

Rodriguez will reportedly be buried alongside her daughter.

While the killing of Kayla Cuevas and friend, Nisa Mickens, 15, were tragic enough for one community, their loved ones are now suffering aggravated grievances all because the gang members responsible were able to enter the United States illegally.

Yet democrats such as Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, and Representative of New York’s 14th District, Joe Crowley, still continually defend lax borders which allow monsters such as these to enter the country in disgustingly insisting that “they’re still human beings.”

No, only purely evil monsters attack defenseless underaged girls with baseball bats and machetes.

Young Cuevas was said to have been a target of MS-13 following “ongoing disputes with gang members at her school,” while “Nisa was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Considering the horrific deaths of now at least three innocents in one community, one would think that those who knew of the families’ stories would have slightly more empathy, even if a brief memorial service was somehow not ‘convenient’ for them.

Yet those still seeking justice for Cuevas, Mickens, and now Rodriguez are surely even more determined to fight MS-13 and illegal immigration which has plagued the local community. Unfortunately, it just lost one of its primary advocates to a driver who must also be held accountable.

While truly baffling that democrats have arguably allowed this to happen, it makes the law-abiding American wonder how many innocent lives must be lost before they are willing to stop this problem where it originates: the U.S. border.

President Trump has already taken note, and now, considering this recent tragedy, can be depended on to keep fighting against these gangs that are tearing families apart.