Obama Legacy Slashed

PUBLISHED: 7:32 PM 26 Mar 2018

Trump EPA Will Remove More ‘Aggressive’ Regulations From Obama Administration

Trump's EPA is preparing to cut more red tape imposed by the Obama administration.

The EPA is preparing to slash more Obama-era restrictions.

The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to slash several Obama-era greenhouse gas emissions regulations, according to the Daily Caller.

Calling the regulations too aggressive and harmful to American businesses, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is preparing to remove more “red tape.”

Former President Barack Obama’s administration imposed substantial greenhouse gas emissions regulations on light duty trucks and cars.

Pruitt has been reviewing a 2012 fuel efficiency regulation that required U.S. cars to get an average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

President Donald Trump’s administration ruled the Obama-era measure was not only unsustainable, but that it put too much pressure on car manufacturers.

Obama’s EPA argued the regulations would reduce 540 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and slash oil use by roughly 1.2 billion barrels.

However, the Trump administration is reversing course and working with automakers to cut the 2012 standards they say has harmed their businesses.

In 2012, automakers originally supported the regulations because they were told it wouldn’t have any bearing on their businesses.

But with gas prices remaining low, millions of new jobs being created, and companies staying in the U.S., the industry is now calling on Trump to step away from the Obama-era regulations.

The Trump administration’s decision to open up oil drilling in the U.S. has also played a role in helping car manufacturers.

As such, Obama’s plan to have more electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads failed.

While environmentalists and far-left groups called on the Trump administration to keep the Obama-era regulations, the EPA is gearing up to remove restrictions that harmed U.S. growth.

Trump has made growing the U.S. economy and creating more jobs for Americans a top priority, and his policies have already had a considerable effect on the nation.

The EPA has slashed thousands of regulations from the Obama administration, freeing up billions of dollars to fund more important projects.

Trump’s EPA is reducing government overreach and giving more power back to American companies.