PUBLISHED: 9:05 PM 10 Feb 2017

Trump To Designate Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization, NYT Warns Of Modern Crusades

Muslim Brotherhood terrorist

They’re Finally Going To Do It

There are terrorist organizations that everyone in the United States, and possibly the world, has heard of. Groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda are among the most well known terrorist groups in the world, and for good reason. People would love nothing more than to see these groups eliminated.

However even though most of the world has heard about those two groups, there are other terrorist organizations that exist that have the same goals, but are not classified as terrorist groups. It’s easy to attack an enemy that you know, but what about an enemy that you don’t know?

President Donald Trump is planning to take one step closer to eliminating radical Islamic terrorists off the Earth, and it starts with designating more groups as terrorist organizations. One of these groups is the Muslim Brotherhood. You would think that people would want to see these types of organizations gone, but Democrat supporters continue to amaze us.

The New York Times released an editorial saying that they believe that President Trump shouldn’t call the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Their reasoning? They believe it could make Trump the enemy of every single Muslim on the planet.

The Trump train has rolled into Washington!

The NYT Doesn’t Want Trump To Label The Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Group

The paper, exceedingly liberal nowadays, published their opinions on Thursday in an article entitled “All of Islam Isn’t the Enemy.” In it, they argue against labeling the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. It came up when CIA Director Mike Pompeo said he supports the move.

The Muslim Brotherhood has openly announced their goal, which is to create a state that is ruled by Islamic law. Considering that Islamic law and the United States Constitution do NOT go together, that cannot happen.

The editors of the paper said, “Is President Trump trying to make enemies of the entire Muslim world? That could well happen if he follows up his primitive ban on refugees and visa holders from seven Muslim nations with an order designating the Muslim Brotherhood – perhaps the most influential Islamist group in he Middle East – as a terrorist organization.”

However, there are several nations that have already labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, including Egypt, Russia, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Three of those nations are majority Muslim and they had no problems labeling the group for what it was.

The editors didn’t stop there, as they went ahead and claimed that the potential order “appears to be part of a mission by the president and his closest advisers to heighten fears by promoting a dangerously exaggerated vision of an American under siege by what they call radical Islam.”

Except that America is under siege by “radical Islam.” How many times do you hear people from ISIS and al-Qaeda yelling and screaming about the death of America? If you ask any rational person, they will say that that is indeed radical.

Trump sanctioning Iran

Trump Is Protecting Us From Radical Islam!

If we weren’t under attack from this everyday, then we wouldn’t hear about terrorist attacks on our college campuses or malls. Hell, we probably wouldn’t hear about terrorist attacks period!

Unfortunately the Times have always been against Trump and his approach to fighting and ending radical Islamic terror. Wow how surprising, a liberal newspaper against Trump. In breaking news, water is wet!

The editors published and released a column at the end of January and it was there that they expressed their horror at Trump stating his goal of wiping Islamic extremists from existence. They worried that Trump’s approach is “more likely to further inflame anti-American sentiment around the world than to make the United States safer.”

How disturbing is it that the editors at The New York Times don’t want to see Trump fight Islamic terror? Seriously this is something that a majority of Americans are worried about on an everyday basis. Oh but according to the Times, we shouldn’t go out and do that.

Unfortunately that is what you would expect from a liberal paper. They have been consistently negative about Trump and all of his policies. In other words, like a true Democrat, they are just going to be against Trump and not even bother to listen to what he has to say. Considering that they don’t want to end Islamic terrorism, they’re already there.

Dishonest NYT Caught Doing The Very Thing They Criticize Trump For Doing

They’re Going To Be Against Trump All The Time

This isn’t the first time that the Muslim Brotherhood is facing a new label. GOP Senators introduced new legislature that would call the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. Trump isn’t the only person that is thinking about labeling the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, as several members of Congress are thinking the exact same thing.

To make things worse, the Muslim Brotherhood forced public schools to give them the “right” to preach their sermons to children. They were going to input their radical beliefs into the minds of the next generation, and that is a scary thought to have indeed.

Share this article with everyone to show them that The New York Times doesn’t want Trump to continue his war on radical Islam. They preached about Trump labeling another Islamic group as a terrorist group, despite the fact that several other nations have already done so, including Saudi Arabia. So the better question is this: What is the Times hiding?