Trump Wins Town Hall

PUBLISHED: 6:51 PM 16 Oct 2020

Trump Delivers During Town Hall, Stays Cool And Collected In Face Of Screeching Harpy

President Trump did awesome… staying calm and cool despite being attacked by every single question.

God bless him. (Source: Youtube Screenshot)

Last night, the candidates for president participated in separate Town Hall events. As was expected, Joe Biden was given 90 minutes of uninterrupted airtime to spout the democrat talking points and lies, while Donald Trump was forced to debate a ‘moderator,’ who was bent on attacking him with every question.

But, like the boss he is, President Trump scored a huge win, and many people argue that he probably reached hundreds and thousands of NBC viewers who never hear the truth at all.

Townhall reported:

In a town hall with NBC News on Thursday night, President Trump spoke the truth about Speaker Pelosi’s opposition to an additional coronavirus relief package.

Asked why a fourth stimulus package has not yet been signed into law, the president called out Speaker Pelosi’s politically-driven delay tactics that have inhibited the passage of economic relief for Americans in need.

Watch President @realDonaldTrump rip @SpeakerPelosi for not working with Republicans to pass COVID-19 relief:

“I want a stimulus. The Republicans will approve a stimulus. The problem is she doesn’t want to do it because she thinks it’s bad for her election…She’s in our way…”

— (@townhallcom) October 16, 2020

President @realDonaldTrump tells Nancy Pelosi to get moving on a stimulus bill he can sign: She couldn’t care less about the American worker#TrumpTownHall

— Team Trump (Text VOTE to 88022) (@TeamTrump) October 16, 2020

Indeed, Democrats are responsible for blocking the last relief package that was proposed by Republicans and had the backing of the White House. Just over a month ago, Democrats filibustered discussion on, and eventual passage of, a $300 billion dollar package.

In typical mainstream media fashion, President Trump was asked if he condemns white supremacy, as he already has. As the president pointed out, former Vice President Joe Biden has not yet been forced to condemn Antifa and other groups responsible for the violent riots plaguing American cities.

President @realDonaldTrump: “Are you listening? I condemn white supremacy.”

Savannah Guthrie: “It feels sometimes you’re hesitant to do so…”

These people aren’t serious.

— (@townhallcom) October 16, 2020