PA Claims 'Banks'

PUBLISHED: 5:49 PM 17 Sep 2018

Trump Closes Palestinian Authority’s Bank Accounts In U.S., Cancels Visas?

According to the Palestinian Authority, the U.S. froze bank accounts belonging to the PLO and PA, and kicked out their envoy.

Trump has frozen bank accounts belonging to the Palestinian Authority.

President Donald Trump warned Palestine earlier this month that if they did not cease funding and supporting terror groups, the United States would take swift action against the regime. According to Israel National News, PA leaders are claiming the Trump administration closed all bank accounts linked to the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization that are in America. The PA is the ruling government and the PLO is a ‘political and military’ seeking to remove Jewish settlers from their homeland using violence, and both have credible links to terror groups.

PLO envoy leader to the U.S., Husam Zomlot, claims that he was ordered to leave the U.S and that his visas have already been revoked. Trump closed down the PLO office in Washington, D.C., but the administration has not yet confirmed the report of freezing the bank accounts and revoking the visas.

The terror-linked group has been largely protected by Democrats for years, but the Trump administration appears to be done playing games.

In late July, Trump ordered the State Department to cut over $200 million in U.S. aid to the PA.

The decision came in response to the president voicing his concerns about the PA and PLO’s continued efforts to support terror groups in the region.

Trump has also made clear several times that he doesn’t want U.S. aide going to any group that apparently only seeks to further exacerbate tensions in the area, a concern shared by many Americans.

Palestine has been linked to supporting Hamas for years, a terror group that largely attacks innocent citizens in Israel, America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.

The official reported Hamas has been using funds and resources from Palestine to gain more territory around Israel.

The terror group has also been using funds from Palestine — which likely came from the aid given by the U.S. — to launch attacks against Israel and its citizens.

Trump warned Palestine in January that the U.S. would no longer send them aid if they did not stop funding the terror group.

As previously reported by Conservative Daily Post, Trump made it clear to Palestine that he will withhold every cent the U.S. sends them if they didn’t stop supporting and working with terrorists and begin engaging in fair peace talks with Israel.

While the previous administration apparently had no issue giving Palestine hundreds of millions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers while they were funding chaos and uprisings from jihadists, President Trump has made it clear that he stands with Israel and will not continue sending money to those who support terror.

And now, the Trump administration reportedly froze all bank accounts belonging to the PA and PLO, and kicked-out their envoy leader.

The president has been warning the PA and PLO for over a year, and although unconfirmed, it would appear the Trump administration just sent another bold message that the U.S. will not support those who fund terror.