Trump Defeats Protestors

PUBLISHED: 8:48 PM 15 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 5:27 PM 16 Sep 2018

Trump Campaign Wins Lawsuit Filed By Protestors

They claimed that he 'incited a riot,' but the courts completely disagreed.

The Donald Trump campaign won a lawsuit filed against it by protestors, who tried to say that Trump 'incited a riot' at a rally of his.

After then-candidate Donald Trump proved to be a serious contender for the presidential nomination, leftists began to target his rallies for disruption. While the most famous example was the rally he held up in Chicago, a number of them were disrupted by leftists protesters, and sometimes it lead to arrests, or even violence.

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court tossed out a lawsuit which claimed that when candidate Trump ordered three protestors removed from a rally he held, he incited a riot. The protesters claimed that when they were thrown out by the future president, he incited the crowd to violence, and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals vehemently disagreed. In the ruling, the judges said he hadn’t ‘incited a riot,’ and dismissed the claims of the protestors.

The case was filed by Kashiya Nwanguma, Molly Shah, and Henry Brousseau.

In their complaint, they claimed that when they were ejected from a Louisville, Kentucky, Trump campaign event, they were, in their own words, “assaulted, pushed, and shoved.”

Furthermore, they contended that the candidate’s words as he had them thrown out were the ‘incitement’ to violence.

A three-judge panel from the Sixth Circuit Court disagreed, and said that the protestors-turned-claimants failed to state a valid claim under Kentucky state law.

They also stated that Donald J. Trump’s words were protected by the First Amendment, since at no time did he specifically advocate “imminent lawless action.”

When he threw the three protestors out of his March, 2016, rally, he said “get ‘em out of here.”

The allegations from the trio seemed to focus on those words, while ignoring that when he said those words, he also said a very important phrase that completely undermined the idea he was ‘inciting’ violence.

He said, and their legal complaint even mentioned that he said it, “don’t hurt ‘em.”

In the eyes of Judge David McKeague, who wrote one of the three opinions concerning the Sixth Circuit’s ruling, that simple, three-word phrase, undermined their claim that he was inciting violence.

Judge McKeague also pointed out that the President did not specifically advocate a physical response to the protesters.

These allegations had already been rejected, most recently by a U.S. District Court in the state of Kentucky. Since they’ve been rejected as baseless and without merit in a stunning 3-0 vote, it is unlikely that the United States Supreme Court would be interested in hearing the case.

A similar protest, which also occurred at a campaign event President Trump held in March 2016, this time in Chicago, Illinois, ended much differently.

There, thousands of protestors, with the same intent to disrupt a Trump campaign event that the Louisville trio had, managed to force the cancellation of a rally for safety reasons.

On March 11, the Donald J. Trump campaign planned to hold a rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Leftist on social media and ‘civic’ leaders called for the rally to be shut down, and gathered thousands of protestors with just that goal in mind.

Several hundred of the protestors even went into the UIC Pavillion and filled seating areas where the rally was supposed to be held.

Eventually, Donald Trump cancelled that rally. He reasoned that the thousands of leftists, who had already engaged in a handful of assaults on his supporters posed an actual threat to the rally, and chose to hold it another day.

It’s interesting to see the strange difference in the way that the protests were handled. Three protestors in Louisville decided that they deserved to be able to disrupt a political event, and were thrown out.

They claimed that they were assaulted, and so they filed a claim which was repeatedly rejected as baseless.

They even said that the President of the United States incited a riot, though he did precisely the opposite. Many people recognize the political left in the United States has been throwing a tantrum since Donald Trump first began to actively campaign.

Through violence, they’ve suppressed speeches by a number of right-leaning individuals.

Through the threat of violence, they forced his campaign to cancel a scheduled event, one that people traveled for, and then celebrated it as an achievement.

The left acted like a pack of hypocrites, and complained that they were sent away with harsh words. It’s a much better treatment than right-leaning voters received in Chicago, Illinois.