Biden Campaign Scooped

PUBLISHED: 5:06 PM 24 Oct 2019

Trump Campaign Scoops Up Biden’s Latino “National Network” After “Inept” Action

If the people Joe Biden has running his campaign are this clueless, how could anyone trust him with more important tasks?

The campaign failed to secure their hashtags and website domain, so they lost it. (Source: Donald J. Trump for President screenshot)

Apparently, Joe Biden has some people working for his campaign who aren’t too bright. After Biden announced “Todos Con Biden,” a “national network of Latino supporters” working to help him garner the democratic nomination earlier on Wednesday, President Trump campaign workers noticed that the address was still up for sale.

So, they immediately bought it and started trolling Biden.

In fact, the Biden campaign didn’t even lock down the @TodosConBiden Twitter handle before announcing the new effort.

ABC News reported:

Now, the Trump campaign is using to mock the former vice president, with a landing page that says in both English and Spanish, “Oops, Joe forgot about Latinos.”

The page also links out to the president’s own Latino outreach coalition “Latinos for Trump.”

And the @TodosConBiden Twitter account, in the possession of the Trump campaign, has already begun posting unflattering counter messaging targeting Biden.

The reelection team told ABC News they bought the URL for a “minimal cost” after the Trump campaign’s coalition team noticed the URL for the new effort was still up for grabs.

“The Biden campaign continues to be inept with a deeply flawed candidate,” Deputy Communications Director Erin Perrine told ABC News. “Latinos are thriving under President Trump and now thanks to the Biden camp, people can find out more about that success at”

In response, the Biden campaign said the move by the Trump campaign was “no surprise.”

And it’s not just the Trump campaign who sees a gaffe like this as a broader issue for Biden, who himself has been prone to missteps over his decades-long career.

“How the hell are you Joe Biden’s campaign and you don’t lock up the URL before you announce stuff?” Mike Madrid, a veteran Republican political consultant who’s a vocal critic of the president told ABC News.

On top of trolling Biden, the Trump campaign is using this opportunity to tout the president’s record with Latino Americans, such as record low unemployment.

The Biden campaign launched “Todos con Biden” with the goal of growing grassroots support while also promising immigration and education reform for the Latino community.