PUBLISHED: 8:00 PM 17 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 11:39 PM 17 Jan 2017

Trump Called On Impeachment Charges…For Calling Hillary Crooked After Putin “Ordered Him”


With Nanci Pelosi by her side, Maxine Waters (in red) has crafted some dreadful works. Now Waters wants Trump impeached for saying, “Crooked Hilary.”

With a brash and often blatantly disrespectful tone that other politicians would be condemned for, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has used her many (seemingly endless epochs) years in office to hurt and stall the progress of America in ways that would have made Lenin happy. She has attacked the fair-minded tax thinking of the tea party by telling them  to “go to hell.”

If any other politician told a group of people who are largely religious in nature to go to hell, they would have been called a hatemonger. However, since her target was largely Christian – which we all “know” deserves offense – then it was fine.

She wants to socialize (i.e. have the government take over and raise the rates incredibly like Obamacare did to insurance) the energy industry, has lead investors astray to financial ruin by saying that Fannie May was in no danger right before it caused the worst crash in world history, called race riots “understandable”, and is proud to be someone who was born angry.

She cries racism as she collects many white votes because we also know that a white person’s vote for a candidate that may be black is just worthless, right?

While many wish that Waters would see that her pro high tax ways are killing growth, these wishing well hopes are most like a rabbit hole with this crazed Congresswoman.  Now she is saying that she is in favor of seeing Donald Trump impeached, BEFORE HE EVEN BEGINS, for just saying, “Crooked Hilary.”

It seems that in her watered down version of the Constitution, because the evil Mr. Putin emerged from trusty laptop hack and informed the world of things like the Clinton camp engaged in satanic spirit cooking, then Trump must have been helped by Russia. This makes no sense for a few reasons, but then again, Waters does not make a regular habit of making sense.


The left is mentioning impeachment before Trump begins, ready to cheat him of his victory similar to the disrespect shown to Bernie Sanders.

It makes more sense to debate impeachment for Obama who has toppled Libya creating an avenue for ISIS to travel. Obama has overseen funding for those that now battle us, he has ran guns to Mexico, and he allowed the borders to be open to anyone who wishes to come over with not oversight. There is no mention of this in any way from Waters.

For someone who is supposed to on the side that fights “fake news” (which is only a catch phrase to dispel real factual news), she sure was quick to refer to Putin having something over Trump’s head for blackmail, even though that has been proven as false and more washed out than golden rainfall.

Waters does not mind talking about hacks and fake news when it helps her cause, even when the BuzzFeed news was proven to be as fake as her political career. At least what Trump was saying about Clinton was factual, Wikileaks or not.


Did Waters call to impeach Obama for funding those that now battle the USA with weapons that we gave to them?

Waters foolishly promotes the notion that had it not been for Russia, America would not have been fooled into thinking that Clinton was ill; because, just as we know that Christians are terrible and that whites who support black leaders don’t REALLY count, we know that people can not see ceaseless coughing, falling, fainting, and looking whiter than a Kenny G concert crowd could mean that she was ill. We all needed Russia to point that out. Now Putin is Captain Obvious for the USA?
Waters also  thinks that ALL of Trump’s nicknames for candidates were Russian ideas just because Putin once said, “Crooked Hilary.” We do not even know if Trump was aware of this, but we do know that Russia most likely did not make the “head it up to here” Rand joke or any of the other zingers that is what makes Trump, Trump.

On one hand, the left attacks Trump for being crass, then they say that he is NOT crass, but Russia made him say it. The more Waters speaks, the more it sounds like she has no basis or rooting in reality at all. Even those that detest Trump know that this is his nature and how he speaks, to credit for that to Putin is absurd.

The left loves to blather on and on about how Clinton got her emails hacked, why didn’t Trump? Well snowflakes, Donald Trump did not get hacked because he did not have HIS email server run from a restroom. This is the same reason that Rand Paul, Mick Huckabee, Bernie Sanders, Richard Duncan, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Jim Webb and even the “shirtless president” Martin O’Malley did not get  hacked.


Maxine Waters seen here on live TV being proud to not even give Trump a chance.

Certainly, Putin had tried to hack everyone on that stage, and most likely a lot of people who run the show that we have never heard of. It most likely happens daily, just like America likely does to them. That is the sad nature of the world and the human nature of man that has fallen.

That in no way means that Trump should be impeached or besmirched before he even begins by a hateful Congresswoman who thinks that he should not use his right to free speech. He is allowed to call Clinton anything that he wants, no matter if Mickey Mouse said it first. Does Maxine Waters now want to socialize free speech like she does the energy sector?

Trump and everyone else also has the right to talk about the news. If Wikileaks releases hacks, that is news. If BuzzFeed makes an ass out of themselves with fake news on Trump, that is still news.

If people who have known ties to child sexual perversions via the Lolita Express all make references that may have been a coincidence about a pizza shop, it is fair to investigate. Otherwise, to be less vigilant is to accept the world as told to use by people like Maxine Waters.

No thanks.