Trump Donates Profits

PUBLISHED: 7:06 PM 27 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 7:06 PM 27 Feb 2018

Trump Business Donates Foreign Profits, Opponents Say It Isn’t Enough

There are complaints because the business is not releasing the numbers.

President Trump has goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to payments received by foreign statesmen.

The Trump Organization released a statement on Monday concerning the profits from foreign governments. Keeping his campaign promise, the President has donated proceeds from his hotel to the government.

Democrats have slammed President Trump and criticized his unconscionable act of donating some of the profits coming from his hotels. Turning any money from foreign governments directly to the coffers of the American taxpayer, the President continues to instigate the hypocritical left.

Donating all payments from foreign dignitaries to the United States Treasury, the President is avoiding any conflict of interest or possible money laundering schemes. The same people who ignored the Clinton Foundation are screaming foul play.

Because the President did not disclose the amount he donated or how exactly how the hotels calculated their costs, Democrats are using the charitable acts as a means to renew calls for impeachment.

The lack of details surrounding the state dignitaries has caused some to speculate that the President has not removed himself from his business empire.

Democratic watchdogs, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, stated they would be displeased even with every penny accounted for. Executive Director Noah Bookbinder declared the President would still be in violation of the Constitution.

Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Office of the Trump Organization, George Sorial, gave the official statement to reporters. He announced the donation was made on February 22 and was comprised of funds from January 20 to December 31, 2017.

No breakdown or summation of specific countries or amounts were provided. Using the organization’s standard policy and Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, prices and costs were determined by usual business practices.

 The United States Department of the Treasury was able to confirm the receipt of the check but refused to provide additional information or details.

Trying to bring back the liberal talking point of the President’s tax returns, Robert Weissman asserts that donations only have to come from properties that turn a profit. President of Public Citizen, Weissman, believes that many of the Trump hotels are making more money than previously stated.

Donating all money from foreign governments since his inauguration, the President and his legal team proclaim the donations are a monument to President Trump’s profound sense of ethics.

Enacting an ancient statute in the Constitution, the emolument clause forbids the President from accepting gifts from foreign governments without the expressed permission of Congress. Democrats and the liberal left have manipulated the meaning of the clause to now extend encompassing hotel rooms and arrangements.

Two state-level attorney generals have filed lawsuits against the President for his supposed failure to divest his family interests. Rather than signing his family business over to a blind trust, the President has signed management of the business over to his children who are not working in the White House.

Attorney generals from Maryland and Washington D.C. have brought charges against the President claiming violation of the emolument, or benefits, clause.

Legal counsel for the President has come forward to declare that President Trump is willing to go above and beyond what the Constitution calls for.

By donating all profits from foreign guests directly to the treasury, the President shows the length he is willing to go for the American people.  Keeping multiple campaign promises, the President also accepted an annual salary of $1.

The Trump Organization released an eight-page pamphlet to the House Oversight Committee in May. Inside the proposal, the organization vowed to donate money from groups or persons who announced or are known to be tied with foreign governments.

Liberals have demanded that Trump Hotels begin inquiring every guest about their source of income prior to being given room and board. Suggesting that the line of questioning may be offensive and off-putting, the Trump brand has taken a firm stance against interrogating guests.

President Trump has been a proponent of personal privacy rights. Having been a target of illegal wiretapping under his predecessor Obama, the President is acutely aware of civil liberties.

The United States Supreme Court is hearing arguments today from the tech company Microsoft and the Justice Department. Defining how the government subpoenas information held in data centers overseas, the court case will help shape digital privacy rights.

President Trump and his administration continue to work tirelessly to make American great again. Without seeking the limelight or the attention, the President quietly and subtly donates profits from his business to the American people.