Big Man Witness

PUBLISHED: 5:29 PM 23 Oct 2020

Trump Brings Witness To Debate Who Outed Biden As “Big Man”

Joe Biden insults every American every time he opens his mouth to deny the evidence of his cash for contact activity.

Good! (Source: Fox News YouTube Screenshot)

Last night, as President Trump’s special guest at the debate, former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski attended.

Bobulinski has evidence that Joe Biden collected money from foreign governments, using his family to collect payoffs.


The New York Post reported:

Fox News first reported the detail Thursday, and a source told The Post Trump was “bringing” him.

Trump plans to point to Bobulinski when he brings up the much-scrutinized overseas business dealings of his son, Hunter — exposed by The Post — during the debate.

The Post last week published a trove of Hunter Biden emails that appear to detail his dealings with Ukraine and China — and undermine his father’s repeated claims that they never discussed such matters.

In a 2017 text message exchange reported by Fox News, Bobulinski was warned by another alleged associate, “don’t mention Joe” in conversations about the dealings.

Others have suggested that Obama must have been involved in these payoffs as well, given that he also increased his wealth during his reign.