New North Korean Sanctions

PUBLISHED: 7:52 AM 25 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 7:50 PM 25 Feb 2018

Trump Announces New North Korea Sanctions, Targeting Shipping And Trading

Even though this announcement was said to be the highlight of his speech, it ended up being held until last.

According to different reports, this is the largest punitive sanctions package targeting this Asian nation. Naturally, this one represents President Trump’s clear intention to stop Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.

In an unexpected move, the Trump Administration has decided to tighten the noose on Kim Jong Un’s Regime, strangling the life out of North Korea’s economy like never before. Naturally, we’re talking about a strong action that represents a huge problem for the so-called Hermit Kingdom.

This new move was announced a couple of hours ago when President Donald Trump revealed that he is hitting the communist regime with tough new sanctions. During his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the president  pointed out that these measures he will take against North Korea are the “heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country.” The media reported hat he made that statement at the end of his “free-wheeling speech,” which was brutally criticized.

With a particular emphasis on overseas trade, his administration is now blacklisting 56 vessels, trade business, and shipping companies that are helping Kim Jong Un’s tyranny skirt sanctions. Of course, Slick Willie gave North Korea the ability to develop their nuclear program and Obama did nothing for the past eight years while they steadily increased it, but somehow, all of that is President Trump’s fault.

The president, however, is fixing that mess. According to different reports, this is the largest punitive sanctions package targeting this Asian nation. Naturally, this one represents President Trump’s clear intention to stop Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions.

Apparently, the Department of Treasury is already taking action to cut off the sources of revenue that sustain the communist regime’s militaristic activities.

Analysts pointed out that the latest batch of sanctions against the Asian nation are nothing more than a continuation of the maximum pressure campaign.

In addition to targeting North Korean entities, the new measures against this country also hit Chinese companies that have been illegally aiding the communist regime.

Naturally, almost every single analyst believe this is a major step considering that it also hurt China’s interests. In fact, this would put the Chinese regime in a very uncomfortable position, considering that its partiality in favor of North Korea will be displayed if it decides to criticize the sanctions.

Since day one, President Trump has pushed Beijing to leverage its ties to the Hermit Kingdom, in order to put pressure on its communist tyranny.

Lamentably, while China has taken certain steps to rein in its nuclear neighbor, President Trump and almost every member of his administration feels that China can do much more.

Actually, one particular detail of this whole controversy is the fact that North Korea’s steps are quite beneficial to Beijing. After all, Kim Jong Un is a powerful piece that China could easily control, and it would empower its hegemony in the region if North Korea achieves nuclear capabilities.

As everyone knows, the Hermit Kingdom advanced its ballistic and nuclear weapons development programs at a very alarming rate in 2017.

As a matter of fact, this nation tested intercontinental ballistic missiles able to range the continental U.S. and hydrogen bombs that were designed to level entire cities.

During his last trip to the Asia Pacific, Vice President Mike Pence offered an interesting preview in Japan of the latest action in the Trump Administration’s maximum pressure campaign.

In the preview, the Vice President revealed President Trump’s plan to hammer Kim Jong Un’s regime with what he described as the toughest sanctions ever imposed to another country.

Given this whole situation, almost every single analyst agrees that the Hermit Kingdom is facing an unprecedented level of pressure, that promises to get positive results.

According to some observers in South Korea, it seems that the communist regime’s cash flow is now drying up at such an accelerated rate that it could be effectively broke in just eight months.

Last year, a former North Korean financial official revealed that it is extremely unlikely that this country could survive the powerful sanctions it presently faces, considering its effects on the economy.

While the Trump Administration has constantly expressed its commitment to a peaceful and diplomatic resolution, it has also expressed that all options remain on the table. Naturally, the application of military force is included.

Now that the Trump Administration is announcing these new sanctions, it would be a huge surprise if the mainstream objectively points out how this is the proper step to take against one of the most horrible tyrannies in the history.

After all, this one has been characterized by an unprecedented level of violence and oppression against its own people.