Asylum Seekers Turned Back

PUBLISHED: 10:17 PM 25 Jan 2019

Trump Administration Issues New Decree: ‘Asylum’ Invaders Must Wait In Mexico

The president’s administration plans to tell asylum seekers who are bombarding the Southern border that they’ll have to wait in Mexico till their court dates, which could be up to a year away, since democrats have stalled the appointment of federal immigration judges.

DNS's new policy sends migrant invaders back into Mexico to await 'asylum' hearings.

The Trump administration has plans to turn away so-called asylum seekers who are trying to enter the country at the San Ysidro port of entry in California from Tijuana, Mexico.

Starting today, families of ‘migrants’ who claim asylum will have to wait in Mexico for their trail dates, and the wait will be long.

That’s because there has been a hold-up of the president’s agenda, and appointing new federal immigration judges has been slow going. Moreover, the government shutdown has furloughed these judges, so the 800,000 backlog cases are likely to rise.

The new policy is designed to discourage migrant who have no business trying to invade the United States, and many people argue that democrats must stop going back on their previous stance and fund border security.

Customs and Border Protection officers will begin returning asylum-seekers to Mexico, until their court date.

Under current policy, immigrants who pass an initial “credible fear” interview are allowed to remain. Single adults are detained while waiting for their court case to come up, but a federal court decision in 2015 orders families with children be released after 20 days.

The Trump administration has blamed that court decision, known as the Flores settlement, for being a magnet that is driving record numbers of immigrant families to apply for asylum at the southern border, which has led to the deaths of at least two children who were dragged through the desert journey as ‘passports’ for their parents.

Children who travel without a guardian, immigrants who are sick, and other “vulnerable populations” will be exempt.

Leftist groups are promising to sue over the new Migration Protection Policy, like they do for every other attempt the administration makes to protect American sovereignty and prevent dangerous, drains on society to enter the country.

Thousands of illegal invaders pour over the Southern border with a regularity that is both stunning and frightening to many people.

A number of these people drag their kids through treacherous conditions because they know that DACA and other leftist ‘protections’ make is easier for children to get in illegally.

Plus, they view the American taxpayer as their gravy train, or plan to embark on a life of crime, secure in the knowledge that even prison is better than their home country.

Such ‘immigrants’ are criminals, skirting the legal entry opportunities that America provides.